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Carol Radull opens up on tough times that saw her lose Dad and brother

It was hard!

Carol Radull opens up on tough times that saw her lose Dad and brother

Sports journalist and Media Personality Carol Radull has opened up on the difficult times she went through after losing her brother to Hodgkin's disease, a type of blood cancer and her dad to Prostate cancer.

Speaking to Betty Kyallo on Weekend with Betty, Carol revealed that they had moved from Botswana to Kenya when his younger brother who was fifteen years old was diagnosed with the disease. Her father had moved from Angola after a war broke out there and they were trying to settle down in Kenya.

She went on to disclose that the financial strain made them almost go broke and drained them as a family. It was a hard time for her because her brother died seven months later when she was in form four and it affected her immensely.


It was hard we were teens he was 14, i was 15, it was seven months from the time he was diagnosed to the time he passed away. So by the time you are breathing to think how we gonna deal with it, its over So you are like no one dies in my family, and I was in form four by the time he died and it messed up my education. It was hard. And then my mum took it hard the hardest because she is the one who had to stay up with him at night ,he’s throwing up he’s not eating he lost weight he was already a slim child, he lost his weight lost his hair you know all these things that happen when you have cancer" Said Carol.

Losing dad to Prostate Cancer

Ms Radull further revealed that she lost her dad to Prostate cancer years later after he battled with it for ten years.

"His was slightly better in that it was caught early he got the surgery, the radio therapy made us all broke again. Oh I have friends who came through for me even Radio Africa came through for me, they said any money the staff raise, the company doubles, so the company matched." added the radio presenter.

Losing her close family members made her get involved in Charity Organisations including one dubbed Hope for Cancer kids.


Losing the other brother

The Kiss FM radio Presenter, confessed that her mother and sister were close because they were the only family she had left after her other brother was stabbed by a thug and died.

“I Lost my brother about 20 years ago, he got stabbed in some thug fight, some thug stabbed him punctured his spleen, he had surgery, it was in 1998, 22 years ago" revealed Carol.

Radio Career


Ms Radull revealed that she has been on Radio for more than 20 years, worked for BBC, Reuters, and also Mohammed Amin. Her Journey began as Business Journalist on the print desk covering stock market as well as Hard news.

Her love for sports developed when she was in school because she played almost every sport.

Dating life

After separating ways with her ex husband, Caroll revealed that she was dating but could not tell if she was going to be married again because the man had not asked for her hand in marriage yet. She disclosed that she had learned a lot from her previous marriage stating that after divorce one doesn't jump easily into marriage again.


“I am dating not that its anybody’s business and no I’m not dating that guy who wanted us to share my salary, I asked him to go find somebody else. I can share my salary with the right person. I think all those women who believe it’s a man’s role to don everything financially in the house, for me that’s nonsense, in this day and age we both work, we have to help each other"


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