Caroline Mutoko’s video on why most Men are getting infected with Coronavirus elicits heated debate

Corona is killing more of our men than women- Caroline Mutoko

Media Personality Caroline Mutoko

Media personality Caroline Mutoko sparked a heated Debate on Twitter with her video explaining why most men are getting infected with Coronavirus, as compared to women in Kenya.

In a 7-minutes video, Ms Mutoko pointed out that men are getting infected by the deadly virus in large numbers because they have refused to follow rules put in place to curb its spread like; wearing a Mask the right way, washing their hands regularly and even observing curfew hours.

“Corona is hospitalizing more men than women, Corona is killing more of our men than women. On 14th of July, the Daily Nation did an article on the Kenyans we have lost to Covid 19. What is very important to note is the picture that Daily Nation carried about the article, there were less woman than men. Covid is taking our men not because, its predisposed to a chromosome, It’s not an XY issue, it’s a mental predisposition and behavioral predisposition and because of the way you think and the way you act Corona is coming after our men," said Mutoko in part.

Wanaume hamuwezi ambibiwa

She added that;

Wanaume hamuwezi ambiwa, there is not telling you what to do, because the very idea that a virus could come after you. You hate, water somebody has to beg you to wash your hands and this is pre-Covid. A shower. The very idea that lazima uoge, na kwanza kuna baridi. But because you are predisposed mentally and habitual to shy away from hygiene Corona is coming for you and in a big away.

Nobody can make you eat anything that doesn't not look like a cow or a Goat, mi sikulangi Matunda, ni ya watoto na wanawake and yet the very thing you need can be put on a plate. The vitamin C you seek can be put on a plate, sikulangi matunda kwani mimi ni mtoto. The moment we were told to up our Vitamic C, there is no woman who didn’t ensure her children were doing just that, sijui how many fruits a day and she herself was in that thing”.

Seek Medical attention

Mutoko went ahead to advise men to normalize going to Hospital whenever they are feeling unwell, instead of assuming that situation will get better by itself.

However, Kenyans on Twitter joined the conversation, a section telling Mutoko to stop generalizing issues and address specific men in her circle who seems to portray and exhibit the characters she was describing.

User Maverick Aoko said “I told you feminists don't seek to empower women. They just hate men out of PERSONAL EXPERIENCES. Caroline Mutoko is a stellar example. Accent, grammar, zero logic. Cougar lives in a bubble. Follow her and end up a sex starved, raving mad MILF”.

Another one added @kerubo_hillary ‘I think there are several reasons why most men are contracting the virus as compared to women apart from what Caroline Mutoko is saying

Men hustle more. Men go out there to provide for their families. Men are highly exposed thus making them be at a higher risk. It's all clear”


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