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Former mother-in-law actress ditches the ‘mbalas’ (weaves) for a well-shaven and dyed look (Photo)

Sometimes showing your commitment to a role takes more than a wardrobe change, it takes a lifestyle change, weight loss or weight gain. And that is something many Hollywood actresses and actors have done in award-winning movies.

Catherine Kamau

Charlize Theron gained 30 pounds (which is ALOT by Hollywood's standards) for ‘Monster’, a movie that won her an Oscar, a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Drama and a SAG Award. In the movie, Theron a South-African-based-in-Hollywood had the massive weight gain to perform the role of Aileen Wuornos; one of the world’s most prolific female serial killers.

Aileen, the killer Charlize portrayed gained notoriety because women are generally not serial killers, most murders committed by women are rarely of random strangers, its mostly to a person they are close to.

But Charlize is not the only one who experienced a massive weight change. In 2010; Mila Kunis lived on cigarettes and 1,200 calories a day to portray the role of ‘Lily’ a ballerina in 'Black Swan'.

Aside from Mila losing so much weight, 50 cent lost about 25 Kgs in 2 months thanks to a strict liquid diet for his starring role of a cancer patient in 'Things Fall Apart'.


Closer home, actresses are also making a few changes in their lives for the sake of their roles. Thankfully its not losing 25 Kgs in a few months (which is dangerous by the way) but with subtle yet significant changes like a hair change.

Like Catherine Kamau who let go of her precious weaves for this Carol -Odero like look in an upcoming production with Phil-it-Productions.

What do you guys think of Catherine's new look?


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