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A real man should carry their wife's handbag - Terence Creative stirs debate online

Terence listed three other things he said real men should do for their women

Terence Creative and wife Milly Chebby

Content creator Terence Creative has triggered a debate online after he said men should carry handbags for their wives.

Terence, in a post, listed four things which in his opinion were what defined a real man.

Among the things he listed were that men should carry handbags for their baes as well as pulling seats for them.

“Real men carry their wife’s bag, make them breakfast, open doors for them, pull chairs for them ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️tuko pamoja kweli?” Terence posted.


The opinion by Terence however caused a debate as a section of social media users agreed with him, while other users felt he was misleading men.

System Unit boss DJ Mo agreed with Terence, adding that real men should also take their wives to the salon.

Cess Shiro said Terence was not like toxic men who did not treat their women appropriately.

Cess_shiro Huyu hayana toxic masculinity iko na wanaume hapa nje.... anything for the queen😍😍


Reacting to her hubby’s post, Milly Chebby appreciated Terence for loving her in private and public.

“Ifikie bestie please thank you babe for you are never ashamed of loving me both in private and public ❤️❤️” Chebby wrote.

Other however disagreed with Terence, saying handbags were not part of women’s luggage but many times it was a costume.

mlale_lynne My personal opinion is that handbags are accessories.. They are meant to compliment your outfit not your partner's so I feel like my man carrying my handbag kinda defeats the purpose of me having it in the first place.. He can help me carry anything else but not my handbag


A section also felt it was a gesture of love for their partners.


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