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How bandits recently ambushed Khaligraph Jones' video shoot, demanded Sh600,000 [Video]

Rapper Khaligraph Jones recently lost money to bandits who ambushed his music video shoot.

Rapper Khaligraph Jones

Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones recently lost money to armed bandits in Kajiado County near the Kenya - Tanzania border.

According to Abel Mutua, who is working with Khaligraph for his next feature film, the rapper was shooting a music video when the incident happened.

Apparently, the OG was set up for an ambush by a local who claimed that he could help them scout a nice house to shoot his upcoming video in.

Recently the bandits did OG dirty, some local took them to a house where they could shoot the music video in. During the shoot, they spotted several boda bodas heading towards their location. The bandits arrived and shutdown the video shoot and demanded Sh300,000 as fees for trespassing,” Abel narrated.


Shortly after, another of the bandits arrived and claimed that Khaligraph’s crew passed through his plot of land and also demanded Sh300,000,” he added.

After nearly a whole day of negotiations, the bandits finally accepted an offer for Sh20,000 and allowed the team to continue shooting.

A video shoot that was supposed to start at 8 a.m started at 3 p.m,” Abel said.


Former Tahidi High stars Abel Mutua alias Mkurugenzi, Dennis Mugo and film producer Philip Karanja have reunited to shoot a crime-drama movie based on a true story.

It is not yet clear what role the OG will play in the movie, but the parties have already agreed to work together.

"Shoutout to Khaligraph for believing in the dream. #ClickClickBang has officially taken off," Abel Mutua recently announced.

"Jana karibu mkurugenzi apoteze self-esteem akismama karibu na mimi but nilimwambia relax baba, now watch me join the film world, Its about that time," the rapper also shared on Instagram.


The movie, whose working title is Click Click Bang, is based on the life of one Kevin - Abel’s childhood friend - who was a promising footballer but got involved in crime.

Most of Mkurugenzi’s fans have requested an enactment of the story of how Kev’s life of crime caught up with him and was killed by a rogue cop.

The promising footballer who grew up in Komarock Estate - Nairobi, started a life of crime after a career in sports proved to be a hard nut to crack, despite having had a little experience and training abroad.

He quickly graduated from petty crimes to armed robberies with the help of a rogue cop who would hire out his gun at a fee.


One of Kev’s defining moments was witnessing one of his accomplices shooting his sister’s friend after she identified them during a robbery.

Crime is pretty much lawless but among the strict rules thieves observe, is that anyone who identifies one of them during a robbery is considered a liability and is killed.

The shooting was etched in his mind for years to come until history almost repeated itself when Kev and his accomplices hijacked a matatu which had one of his childhood friends in it.

The story ends after Abel’s friend was killed by the same rogue police officer who rented out his gun to Kev, in the fear that the robberies would be traced back to him.

Eventually, the officer's gun was placed at a scene of a crime and traced back to him, leading to his imprisonment.


The film delves into the the world of crime that is perpetuated by the same people who are mandated and trained to protect Kenyans.


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