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Bridget Achieng opens up on being bullied & trolled for 25yrs over her teeth

After 25 years of bullying & online abuse, I'm happy I can afford to fix my teeth - Bridget Achieng

Actress Bridget Achieng

Being in the limelight comes with a lot of pressure, from people having high expectations of you to everyone meddling with your life since you are a public figure. Netizens always feel entitled to a certain fraction of your life.

You may think that the life of your favorite celebrities is perfect, but they are humans too and some have been battling with issues that we know nothing about.

On the note, former Nairobi Diaries actress Bridget Achieng has opened up on being bullied and trolled online to due to the alignment of her teeth.

“Day and and night I prayed for a perfect smile, in my family we have dental problem and anyboby who has dental procedure will tell you for free is not one shilling. And apart from money you have to have patience through out the process and the sleepless nights ain’t a joke,” Bridget said in part.


In a candid post after getting her teeth fixed, Achieng confessed that she has always been ridiculed by netizens simply because her teeth were not aligned perfectly.

“But I’m very happy that after 25years of bullying, abuse online and offline, just coz I’m a public figure, we are expected to be perfect in all areas of our lives …. That I could afford and be prepared to take this journey and risk it all .

"I’m very proud of me and I’m very sure that where my parents are , they are equally happy for me. We live in a generation where people hurt us and they don't really know how deep it runs in our life , so far 3 procedures down one more to go , I’m looking forward to it,” the former actress added.

She further disclosed that she is ready to fix all areas in her life that can be fixed.


“Here I’m today, I want to fix me in all areas of my life that i can fix. My story is that in due time and with patient you can do it all and have it all if you work hard towards it 🥰🙏💯🇹🇷 just a little encouragement . Nobody should correct my grammar abeg , as long as you understand the message I'm still nursing my wounds,” she said.

The Turkey-based businesswoman added; “I live in Turkey where all procedure you want, to change how you look, is made possible, I’ m going for it all, image won’t be part of my problem in the near future you will be meeting beauty and brains,”.


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