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Akothee clashes with Kenya Power staff at her private home

"You have no right to force yourself into my home,” Akothee warned

Akothee with Betty Kyallo (Instagram)

Kenyan musician Akothee has slammed Kenya Power staff in Migori over what she called an attempt at forcing themselves inside her home on Wednesday.

Akothee said in a statement that the team refused to identify themselves and did not have official communication about the assignment they were supposed to do at her house.

She explained that there are power cables passing through her huge compound and the team said they wanted to work on them.

However, the musician claimed that the group also wanted to use the opportunity to take pictures of her private mansion.


“I don’t owe you anything, you have no right to force yourself into my home without my permission,” Akothee posted on Instagram.

“Come and move out all the wires passing through my compound so you can be accessing them anytime you feel like,” she posted.

The Sweet Love hitmaker threatened that next time she would take action into her hands because they threatened to disconnect the power supply to her house.

“When we call you for emergencies you don't even respond so what's the urgency for ?” Akothee questioned.


Rocky relationship with Kenya Power

Akothee has not been a big fan of the national power distributor since she was slapped with a Sh1.6 million electricity bill.

Since then the musician had the prepaid metre installed so she could monitor her power consumption better.

Handling Kenya Power employees at your home

Sometimes Kenya Power staff request access to people’s homes when they need to work on electricity cables that pass through the compound, fix a fault in your house, install meters and other door to door operations.


The company has announced a number of methods to identify genuine Kenya Power employees such as possession of company ID cards.

One is required to cross-check the names and portraits in the cards to ensure they correspond to the team that shows up at your house.

Send a text with any of their staff numbers to 95551 to confirm. If the person is an employee of Kenya Power, add an E in front of their Staff Number. If the person is a contractor, add a C in front of the staff ID.


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