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Akothee narrates how she got pregnant with her first child & ended up in an unplanned marriage

She opens up!

Akothee narrates how she got pregnant with her first child & ended up in an unplanned marriage

Singer and self-declared President of Single Mothers Akothee has for the first time narrated how she ended up getting pregnant with her first child (Vesha) a few months after she started having her periods.

In a long post seen by Pulse Live, the mother of five said she experienced her periods during the last term of her form two class and it was only twice.

In December the same year, her mother travelled and the brothers whom she described as wild used to beat her and the small sister, and the only person that gave her comfort was Jared, the father of her daughters.


Akothee mentioned that one time, her brothers got wild and started beating her sister because there wasn’t enough sugar in porridge and one of her brothers hinted to her that she was next in line to be punished, and she ran away and went to stay with the father of her daughters, where she stayed for a while until her parents came for her.

When she went back to school in January, she did not experience her periods and whenever she smelled strong perfume, she would vomit.

Akothee then asked for permission to seek treatment, only to be told by the doctor that she was pregnant, and out of the fear that her parents would punish her, she went back to live with the father of her daughters and that's how she ended up in an unplanned marriage.

Here’s her post;


My mum anyway used to shop for sanitary towels whenever I was going to school, even before I started my periods but trust me ,she had no idea when I started my menses.

👉I received my periods 3rd term in my form two , I think It was just twice 🤦

👉Come December ,my home was wild ,with my wild brothers ,beating me left and right , the only person who gave me a shoulder was Jared ( baba Vesha )

👉So one day, my mom had travelled, my brothers became wild based on the fact that there was not enough sugar in the porridge, and they brought all anger to me 🤦

👉They started with beating my younger sister ,and I was the next target , my bro Silas Kokeyo who was my confidant, signalled me to and too me to run for my life 💃💃💃💃


👉I then ran to Jared's home ,His mom is calm and friendly ,I now found comfort there and hide for a while month of December🤦

👉My parents looked for me every where , they panicked ,but it served them right 😂😂,

👉They now found me in Awendo at Jared's place ,I had settled as ( I don't even understand)

👉They took me back home


And come January , Back to school 😂😂😂

👉The periods dint come ,I wasn't aware until I started vomiting Every time I smell perfume , this was 3 months down the line🤦

👉I then asked for permission to go home for medical assistance, only for Dr. Onyuna to announce that I am pregnant 🤦

My mom almost fainted . As she was still talking to the doctor, I knew this woman would kill me, so I opted to run away from home, back to Jared's home 🏠 And we started our unplanned family just like that.”


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