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Akuku Danger rushed to hospital again, days after being discharged

Keep praying for Akuku

 Akuku Danger readmitted in hospital again, 6 days after being discharged

Comedian Akuku Danger has been readmitted at the Nairobi West Hospital after developing breathing complications, days after being discharged from the facility.

In update given by actress Sandra Dacha, the comedian is currently admitted in the High Dependency Unit (HDU).

“We are back to the Hospital again.

“Difficulties in breathing again...He is currently at the HDU as we speak. Keep praying for @itsakukudanger,” wrote Sandra Dacha.


Akuku Danger was officially discharged from Nairobi West Hospital on January 24, 2022. He was then allowed to go home three days later after drafting an agreement on how he was going to clear his outstanding medical bill of Sh2, 000, 000 within three weeks.

“Akuku Danger was discharged yesterday from Nairobi West Hospital. They drafted an agreement (between him and the hospital) in the presence of a lawyer to have the bill settled in 3 weeks. Tafadhali msichoke kutuma pesa kwa paybill- Number 891300. Account Name Akuku,” reads a post authored by Sandra Dacha.

Earlier on, Akuku had been discharged from Nairobi West Hospital, but was not allowed to leave the facility until the bill is cleared.

Sadly, he is back in hospital, fighting for his life again.


The Churchill show comedian has been in and out of hospital in the past few months, battling Sickle Cell Anemia, a chronic condition which lasts through a person's lifetime.

“Akuku Danger was born with Sickle Cell Anemia and it keeps coming and going. That’s cancer of the blood and he is always in and out of the hospital. Being able to come here and entertain you is what has kept him going. Imagine being told you have a year to live.

“Do you know how depressing that is? But he keeps going. The thing with the disease is that when it hits, it hits very hard. So today we want to dedicated this show to Akuku Danger and part of the proceeds from the show will go towards clearing his bill but I want you to share the little you have through this pay bill No. Paybill-891300 (Account number- Akuku Danger),” said Mwalim Churchill during his New Year’s eve show at Garden City Mall.


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