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Alex Mwakideu unveils own restaurant named Pampered Village [Video]

The new restaurant is located next to another of his business facilities

Alex Mwakideu opens own restaurant named Pampered Village in Kitengela [Video]

Seasoned media personality and Milele FM boss Alex Mwakideu is out here making major money moves after opening his own restaurant dubbed Pampered Village.

On Tuesday, Mwakideu appeared on Jalang’o TV, giving his fans and potential customers a tour inside the newly launched restaurant, located in Kitengela on the outskirts of Nairobi County.

“Ni mahali pa watu wa kawaida, watu wakujielewa na kupenda vitu vizuri, yaani, the finer things in life, maana hapa tuna kila kitu kizuri and pia utafurahia services zetu.

"(It a place for ordinary people but mostly those who enjoy finer things in life because we are only offering the finest and we guarantee that you will enjoy our service),” Mwakideu explained, speaking in Swahili as is his trademark.


Pampered Village is located next to another of Mwakideu's business facilities, a car wash also bearing the ‘Pampered’ brand name which he opened in 2021.

“Hapa ni Pampred Village, yaani Uswahilini haswa, njoo upate raha ya Uswahilini, si kila siku ukija Kitengela ni nyama choma, chakula chetu ni kitamu sana, njoo uwe shahidi.

"(This is Pampered Village so expect purely Swahili cuisine, our guests will enjoy the best of Swahili foods and at least Kitengela will not be known only for nyama choma. I invite everyone to come and leave us a review, our dishes are very tasty),” he highlighted.

In a 2021 interview, Mwakideu revealed that he had resolved to establish business ventures after he took a 50% salary cut due to the difficult pandemic season.


Kiss 100 Presenter, and Mwakideu’s best friend, Jalang’o congratulated his former colleague for the new milestone, conveying that he was proud.

"Congratulations brother for the official opening of Pampered Village, definitely we will always support you. And you know I'm always proud of you,” Jalang’o told Mwakideu.


Jalang’o jokingly added that he would not be paying for food at the restaurant because it is owned by his ‘brother’, as banter over a common saying among Kenyans on how people sometimes don't know how to support their friends' businesses.


Alex and comedian Jalas have previously worked together at Radio Maisha and Milele FM before Jalang’o exited to join Kiss 100.

During that period, they built an inseparable bromance while serving their fans with the popular #AlexNaJalas tag which has since become something of a brand identity.




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