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My first boyfriend almost killed me as we broke up - Socialite Amber Ray reveals

Amber Ray also revealed that in her quest to make a living she used to sell matumbo

Amber Ray

Socialite Faith Makau aka Amber Ray has opened up on trying different businesses including selling matumbo as she juggled life.

Speaking on Oga Obinna’s Kula Cooler show, Amber Ray said immediately after completely secondary education, she had to begin working as her family was undergoing financial hard times.

“After form four I never went to any college, I never went to any university my family was going through financial issues so I had to start working, I remember my first job was in a cereals shop,” Amber narrated.

Amber Ray narrated trying different businesses including selling of milk which she could not keep up with because of the early hours the business demanded. The mother of one said she resorted to selling matumbo after the milk business became hard.


Amber Ray further revealed that the break up with her son's father was nasty adding that he almost killed her as they parted ways. She however said they mend things and are good friends.

In mid March Amber Ray was engaged in an online spat with gospel singer Nicah the Queen.

The drama was ignited by Nicah who mentioned Amber while giving examples of who she defines as a homewrecker. Nicah appealed to women in marriage to always pray for their husbands.

"Sasa imagine ukose kumuombea atoke hapa nje apatane na (if you don't pray for your husband and he meets someone like) Amber Ray akuaibishe (you'll be embarrassed) in public hata ukimsamehe kila mtu anajua (and everyone will know if you forgive the ceheating). So let’s pray for our husbands. Yours truly Nicah the queen. Tusaidiane wenyewe kwa wenyewe (let's help each other),” Nicah said.


However, Amber Ray clapped back in a quick rejoinder alleging that Nicah was dumped by her ex-boyfriend because she is lazy.

Ray went on to accuses Nicah of being a hypocrite hiding in Christianity.


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