One woman is not enough for me – Andrew Kibe

Andrew Kibe strikes again!

One woman is not enough for me – Andrew Kibe

Ex-Kiss 100 presenter Andrew Kibe has said that one woman is not enough for him.

Speaking on Radio Maisha’s Celebrity Hot Seat, Kibe who was asked if it was true that he plans to wed a Canada based woman said they have to be at least two women.

He went on to say that the day they will hear that he is wedding, he will be there getting married to his two wives, at the same time, because one woman is not enough.

Andrew Kibe mentioned that getting married to two wives is the only thing that will satisfy him, and stop him from sleeping around in the many lodgings around the city.

Rumour has it kwamba harusi yako ndugu yangu ni hii December. Tena inasemekana kwamba unaoa mwanamke ambaye kwa sasa yuko pale Canada. How true is this?” asked Billy na Mbaruk.

Here is how Andrew Kibe responded; “Mkiwai sikia ati Mimi niko na harusi, mjue at that time nitakuwa na mabibi wawili at the same time. One woman is not enough for me bro. Hawezi, kwani hizi lodging mnaenda peke yenu? Mimi nataka nioe wanawake wawili wenye hakuna lodging naenda nikitoka kwa nyumba.”

This is not the first time the former Kiss 100 presenter has openly talked about not being able to be satisfied by one woman.


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