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Anerlisa Muigai ordered to pay businessman Sh2 million

Businessman Kangangi sued Muigai for defamation

Anerlisa Muigai Image/Instagram

Anerlisa Muigai has been ordered to pay businessman Ben Kangangi Sh2 million as damages for defamation.

High court Judge Juma Chitembwe in his ruling found Muigai guilty of defaming Kangangi through social media posts.

Chitembwe said the posts which described Kangangi as an unscrupulous businessman who could not be trusted, defamed him thereby negatively affecting his image and reputation.

The post directly referred to the plaintiff (Mr. Kangangi) and indicated that he was an unscrupulous businessman who conducted fraudulent businesses and could not be trusted. The plaintiff indicated that the claims by the defendant (Anerlisa) were false and the defendant did not provide anything to contradict the same,” the judge said.


Chitembwe ruled that Muigai should pay Kangangi Sh2million as general damages plus costs and interest.

“Given the evidence on record, I do find that a global award of Sh2 million shall be adequate compensation for the plaintiff. The plaintiff is hereby awarded Sh2million as general damages plus costs and interest,” Judge Chitembwe ruled.

According to Anerlisa, Kangangi sought her help to acquire a Sh20 million loan, she said Kangangi showed him forged documents. Following their meeting, Muigai gave him Sh7 million and then she helped him find Sh13million to pay a shylock.

Anerlisa also claims she gave him two of her cars as security for the loan. Anerlisa however says Kangangi did not pay the loan in the agreed time and even declined to pick her calls. She argued that Kangangi and the lender were conspiring to defraud her.


Kangangi who agreed to pay Sh5 million said the posts by Anerlisa had caused him public ridicule and were aimed at lowering his self esteem. He also said the post led to numerous articles portraying him as an untrustworthy businessman.


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