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WATCH: 2 of the most hilarious skits on CSs lateness to State House

The comedians shared videos of excuses the CSs were planning to make for their lateness to the event

Comedian Austin Muigai and Yvonne Khisa

The internet has become an ever-evolving hub of entertainment, and Kenyan content creators are always on the lookout for fresh, amusing ways to engage their audiences.

On Tuesday, an unusual occurrence at State House provided a new wave of amusing content for netizens.

President William Ruto had gathered cabinet secretaries, principal secretaries, heads of parastatals, and other senior government officials to sign performance contracts with the scheduled commencement time for the ceremony indicated as 8:00 a.m.

However, not everyone arrived on time, and President Ruto was not one to let it slide.


Latecomers to the event were promptly addressed by the head of state, who demanded written explanations for their tardiness.

Among those caught in President Ruto's reprimand were Interior CS Kithure Kindiki and his Trade counterpart Moses Kuria. They were not called up to sign their performance contracts as the rest of the cabinet did.

While this incident played out in the political arena, content creators on the internet saw an opportunity to infuse humour into the situation.

Comedian Austin Muigai skillfully presented a hilarious skit portraying the possible reasons the late cabinet secretaries might have given to explain their lateness.

From being in the hospital and taking pictures to prove it, to resorting to the mortuary because they were 'dead,' the skit had netizens in stitches.


Yvonne Khisa also contributed to the comedic whirlwind, sharing a skit in which the supposed CS had been delayed after attempting to access State House through various routes.

The creativity and wit displayed by these content creators resonated with their fans, quickly turning their skits into viral sensations.


Interestingly, the internet users themselves didn't shy away from contributing to the amusement.

They shared past clips where politicians found themselves locked out of premises, one of which hilariously included the very same CS Kuria during his time as a member of parliament.


Other similar instances of people being locked out of premises were also shared by the netizens depicting the funny side of the situation the cabinet secretaries found themselves in.

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