Baha uko na kiherehere- Fans tell Bahati over his message to DJ MO amidst cheating allegations

Sasa yesu anaingilia wapi kwa Hii story- Fans question Bahati

Bahati with DJ MO

Fans have turned the heat on singer Bahati over his message to DJ MO amidst his cheating allegations that have been making rounds on social media.

On Tuesday (Night), Mtoto wa Mama took to Instagram to encourage DJ MO, saying God always gives tough battles to His strongest soldiers and the Crossover 101 DJ should keep his head high and solider on.

“No Matter How Deep the Sea is; For Survival You Must Always Keep Your Head Up. God Gives his Strongest & Tough Battles to His Strongest Soldiers. #SoSoldierOn!!!” reads Bahati’s caption in a photo with DJ MO.

However, Bahati’s words triggered a section of his Insta-family, who opted to throw jabs at him saying “uko na kiherehere sana”. Others stated that singer should be careful with his words before he is also get exposed.

Bahati’s statement came at a time, MO has been accused by cheating on his wife Size 8. The allegations were made public by blogger Edgar Obare, in an expose that has sparked mixed among Kenyans On Twitter (KOT), with everyone trying to make his or her opinion count.

On the other hand, Size 8 has also put up a post that talks about the love of Jesus Christ to his people on earth, saying it never changes.

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!

How great is our God and how deep is his love for me and you that He sent his son Jesus to die for us all and raised him from the dead and sat him on his right hand far above all devils just for me and you!!! This is so precious more than even gold.Gods love never changes he is a great loving God in all ways He is good, perfect and loving!!! Working out all things for our good!!! If you believe this type God I bless you!!! God I bless you!!!!” wrote Size 8.

Reactions on Bahati’s post to DJ Mo.

sharon_ssaBaha uko na kiherehere. So who called you to this matter?? Acha tutafikia yako line inasonga polepole😊😊”

pecky_pesh254 “Aka nako kametokea wapi😂😂😂😂 ebu iteni diana akachukue”

suensue23 “Kiherehere yako ...wacha utawekwa mahali pako😀😀”

chrispus.mumbi “The airport guy has spoken atlast😂😂😂😂”

esther_bradley18Sasa yesu anaingilia wapi kwa Hii story ?😂😂”

_tashee.e “Hakuna battle hapa hawezi jitoa kwa hii muache kutumia God's name in vain nyinyi😂😂”

km_ken “wacha kutusumbua tuko kwa shughuli ya kujua vile Maskio ya kipchoge itafunguka”

anyango835 “Stop using God's name in ungodly things please”

nivanyakundi36 “Utakula kiherehere soon😂😂😂😂”

ashford_griffithInstead of helping your friend acknowledge his mistake which apparently looks so real and to save his marriage you are busy mentioning God's name.This is not the gospel in the bible.True gospel talks about accepting your sins,no one is perfect,its a sign that we are human.Stop sugar-coating this shit bro.99% of men have been in this men including you and me but stand for the truth always.Its good to have a brothers back but not forever.No wonder they say gospel music in this country is about industry and not Ministry.Goodnight bro.👏”

jeniffer_shantel “Soldier for cheating... hapo kwa nudes ulicheza ndogo bro 🤣🤣🤣”

annie3846Akuna battle apa akalalale na his bad habits 😏😏😏

felystarzmaberaNasikia kucheka lakini naogopa 😂mungu ni wetu sisi sote 😭”

namalwa_chesoli “😂😂😂Which God? Yaani you cheat on your wife halafu urudi kutaja mungu😂😂 😂”

riobaoxy “Mungu hapa anaingilia aje”

chichi254_ “Wacha kiherehere ww ...mungu anaingilia wapi na kucheat”

mary_waks “Ata huna adabu mtoto wa diana hypocrite”

awish_85 “Bahati wewe mtoto wa mama don’t wake up a sleeping dog ile siku Edgar ata serve chai yako walahi utahama kenya 🤣🤣🤣🤣”

vianneytrizah “Show me your friends I tell you who you are😂😂 huyuko mbali pia”

val.kemunto “Mmeanza kusingizia Yesu sasa?”

lornar_lornarRefuka kwanza na uache kusag😂😂😂😂short man with kiherehere”

sharodekaju “Amen and the strongest soldiers always overcome and become winners 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌”

sia_theecatladyNifunze kunyamaza🤭😂😂”

mickymontana_1 “Umeona upee marayas motiveshono kamoja ju edgar obare amefanya mamboz😂😂😂💔🔥🔥🔥”

shalexiskonginKuna battles zingine mtu hujitaftia, usiongeze God hapo”

dianacsoyHypocrisy of the highest order!! @edgarobare is exposing infidelity he is not ruining anyone’s marriage! Did Edgar send Dj mo to cheat? No. Stop cheating on your wives!!”


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