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Bahati deletes all social media posts after two weeks of silence

Lilian Ng'ang'a, Sarah Michelloti, Brenda Jons and Jovial

If you missed the biggest stories of the week PulseUhondoMtaani has conveniently compiled all of them for you;

Recording artiste, Ringtone Apoko has told Bahati's fans to pray for the musician saying that the singer is going through hard times but working on new music.

During an interview with YouTuber Eve Mungai Ringtone revealed that Bahati who was vying for the Mathare Constituency has been busy preparing to release new music.

The Chairman of Gospel music in Africa as he calls himself said he would not name the songs in what he termed a six-song EP saying he cannot name the secular songs.

"We know that he has an EP which he is planning to release soon. He was anticipating to release it on October 28 but he did not so we expect him to release it on October 30 or on October 1, " Ringtone said.

"I would have told you the names of the songs in the EP but I cannot mention names of secular songs, He said. So pray for Bahati to agree to the results of the elections and continue with his musical career," Ringtone added.

In the interview, the musician argued that Kenyans did not love the singer because of politics but rather because of his music and urged him to get back to music.

Bahati has gone silent for more than a month after losing the Mathare Constituency to Oluoch Anthony Tom who won the seat with Bahati coming a distant third.

He has not posted a thing after the August 9 elections other than the post he uploaded claiming that votes were being rigged in the constituency.

To make the matters worse, the singer deleted all his posts on his Instagram page on September 29 further fueling worries about his welfare.

US-based Kenyan Genge musician Hubert Nakitare has dropped his much-anticipated comeback tune 'One Day' which features his new Pro Habo Entertainment signee, Kevin Brown.

The 'Ni Furahi Day' musician has been popularizing the expected song for almost a month and from a preview shared during DJ Shinski's live set on Thursday night, the Reggae tune is a banger!

In a shout-out to the US-based spin master, Nonini underscored the importance of Djing to the music industry.

"Djing is not about choosing a few tunes. It's about generating shared moods. It's about understanding the feelings of your audience and directing them to a better place with music," Nonini posted.

Explaining why he's taken a detour from his usual hip-hop/rap style to venture into Reggae with the new release, Nonini noted that the Jamaican genre was accessible in his formative years.

Citing his late brother as one of the greatest influences on his music, Nonini shared that Bob Marley's records were among the first pieces that formed his musical talent because his brother played them constantly.

"Reggae has always been part of my influence into music, sababugrowing up my brother used to love Roots Reggae. Hakuna tape ya Bob Marley na posters hakuaga nayo. He used to lie to me huyu ni bradhe wake alafu kitoi kifala namuamini," Nonini shared.

The rapper who has been in the music industry for close to 20 years intends to release the new song on October 2, 2022 when he will turn 40 years old.

"Count Down! 1 day 2 go! We go live on October 2 Nonini's official 40th birthday," Nonini wrote.

He also shared a photo of a certificate that confirmed that the song has been copyrighted and registered under his name saying: "Stakabadhi ziko sawa (the certificate is out). Kaende Kaende (here we go)."

Willy Paul and singer Jovial have released their much-anticipated collabo dubbed LaLaLa.

The two stars have been doing rounds on the internet with sides kicks of being lovers, however, it was apparent to everyone that the two were up to a musical which they have finally released

The song brings together the vocal prowess of the two making it a tune one can listen back to back.

The song is produced, mixed and mastered by Teddy B and is under the Saldido record Label.

Renowned rapper turned man of the cloth, Pastor T Mwangi of The Gathering of Champions has reached out to the Akorino brothers and Emily Nyariru.

In a post shared on his social media platform, the punchy man of the cloth revealed that the three reached out to him adding that they had a lengthy conversation and had restoration prayers.

According to Pastor T, the two are sorry for what they did, adding that mentorship is like nursing and one must be willing to give them care with love.

We are called for this generation and we must be willing to embrace, guide, and mentor them he added in the post shared on his social media page.

"Am happy to announce that the twins reached out and we had a powerful conversation and had prayers of restoration. They are sorry for what they did, Mentorship is like nursing and you must be willing to give the care with love," Pastor T Mwangi said.

The man of God who started off as a rapper before going into full gospel ministry said he is called to mentor the generation and is willing to embrace them as they launch out of their current situation.

"We are called for this generation and we must be willing to embrace them, guide them and mentor them. I believe they had a good idea but the wrong approach. We will walk with them and see them launch out of that idea. Love wins. Let's pray for them and accept their public apology. We are called to reconcile men," Pastor T Mwangi added.

According to Emily Nyariru, who is heavily pregnant, she does not know the father of the unborn baby she is currently bearing.

But how did she get pregnant? It all started when Nyariru attended a wedding in which Peter Macharia, one of the twin brothers had also attended, and out of nowhere, their chemistry clicked.

Where does the other twin brother come in? Unfortunately, Macharia's phone was spoilt and did not have a phone so he borrowed his brother's Teddy Kimathi probably to take photos of the occasion or get directions to the venue.

The two, Macharia and Nyaruiru exchanged contacts and when he got back home, he handed the phone back to his brother since Macharia had not shared the news of his new catch with his brother, Teddy Kimanthi picked up from where Macharia had left, and before any of them knew, they were sharing the same girl.

Despite the combined twin efforts, Nyaruiru is said to have agreed to meet Macharia for a coffee date after three months.

Comedian Brenda Jons known for her online character Plesdent Kingston has officially given her life to Christ.

Brenda who recently declared leaving the LGBTQ community narrated the journey from her childhood that has led her to eventually choose the direction she has taken.

She said she now understood fully what she has signed up for, noting her understanding of the Bible has also changed and that her hidden gifts are beginning to manifest themselves.

“13 years ago, I first gave my life to Christ. I didn't know what it really meant to be born again but I remember saying the words, 'my life will never be the same again 😃'. 8 years later, a pastor did an altar call and this time I knew exactly what it meant.. it meant I had to lay everything down and serve God in truth and in spirit.

"I started reading my Bible more than I ever have and began to see things I had never seen before. Wow! The amazing gifts God had put in me started to manifest and He used me as a vessel mightily,” Brenda said.

Brenda said that God had spoken to her and revealed to her the sins she needed to address in her teaching and ministering of the gospel which she said she had begun through her comedy skits.

"Through campus, I kept trying to get back but kept failing over and over, but I knew He was still ordering my steps. A few years later, I got back on track and God placed me on social media and I started ministry as I created content (MINISTRY THROUGH COMEDY) maybe that's how some of you knew me...I was deep in faith and I honestly miss those days, a lot!

"God had really inspired me to really lead and talk about sexual sin and a good friend once told me that the demon that you publicly fight, will be used to greatly test your faith..I didn't take it deeply but Lord oh Lord... It unfolded that same way...I fell off my walk of faith and I both engaged in and fought sexual sin and many more sins... wueh!" Brenda said.

Point to how she had sunk into sin, Brenda revealed that not even the messengers sent to her were able to speak her out of her sins, she, however, affirmed that she was now fully saved.

"God sent many people to talk to me and remind me of where my identity is (in Him) but I was too deaf to His call and too blind to His light as He called me home..I was too soaked and ashamed of my sin so I rejected His call and as He is..," she noted.

Comedian Eric Omondi has expressed his joy following the nomination of Moses Kuria as the Trade, Investments and Industry Cabinet Secretary.

In a statement on Thursday, September 29, Omondi said that Kuria was a good pick for the position and narrated how the former MP was instrumental in his career.

It is true that the things a man does in secret shall be rewarded in broad daylight. Moses has been supporting me and a load of young people over the years,” the comedian shared.

He added that after opening his offices and launching Big Tyme Productions, Kuria helped him through the period when many people called for its closure.

I am happy because I know if there is anyone who will deliver in matters of governance and trade for this nation, Moses will be that man. He has touched base with the young entrepreneurs of this nation and understands the role perfectly,” Eric said.

He thanked the CS-designate for sponsoring him and Chipukeezy during their first tour of the US.

Singer-turned-politician Kevin Bahati Kioko has broken his silence online after he took action on his Instagram page.

Bahati deleted all the posts on his Instagram page leaving his 3.2 million followers with nothing to view.

The move is almost similar to that of his wife Diana Marua who shared a post of a dove and disabled the comment section leaving questions to her followers as to what was happening within their family.

Bahati and his wife Diana were expecting their third child together and Diana was due for delivery before the sudden silence.

In a recent interview, Bahati revealed that Diana was not doing well but failed to go into details on the matter. He further said they were going to decide whether to tell the public what was happening in their family if they felt like it.

Tanzanian star Harmonize could potentially lose part of his wealth if his ex-wife Sarah Michelotti will succeed in the divorce case she has filed.

Sarah who is of Italian descent landed in Tanzania and was spotted at Dar-es-Salaam law courts where she is pushing to get part of the Uno hit maker’s wealth.

Harmonize reacting to the move by his ex-wife said he was surprised that Sarah was demanding part of his wealth yet she left him with nothing and had to even seek refuge at her current fiancé's home.

“She is suing me for marrying her, she wants me to share my wealth, wealth which I don’t know about. After our separation, I began sleeping at your place, where was the wealth she is demanding,” Harmonize wrote addressing her fiancé, Fridah Kajala.

In response, Kajala asked Harmonize to disregard the move by Sarah.

"Leave her alone" Kajala wrote.

Harmonize wedded Sarah in 2019 in Muslim wedding tradition before they, later on, held a white wedding reception party.

The couple however parted ways in 2020 after Harmonize revealed he had a child out of wedlock, after parting ways Sarah revealed she had withstood a lot from her husband and could not take it anymore.

Michelotti pointed out that her hubby was a liar who did not appreciate people who help him.

Renowned Youtuber Peter Kabi WaJesus on Wednesday shared a fond memory of shooting a music video alongside his wife Millicent Wambui Ng'ang'a 'Milly WaJesus'.

Sharing a photo of them draped in Maasai Shukas, Kabi narrated that he considers it a blessing to have been able to do 'ministry work' together with his partner.

He went ahead to heap praises on his wife, whom he thanked God for, saying she is a prayerful wife and loving to all people.

"Did you know we were featured in this song? This photo reminds me of 'Ameni' by Eunice Njeri since the day we met apart from loving each other and being life partners we have always been ministry partners and I thank God for giving me a prayerful wife, one that loves people and God," Kabi captioned the photo.

The two lovers who made their union official in a wedding ceremony in 2017, have been through ups and downs and have grown from humble beginnings.

Lillian Ng'ang'a, wife of Kenyan rapper Juliani, has come out and spoken about her life and marriage to the musician including her motherhood journey.

During the interview with Citizen Digital, Lillian stated that she has a lot of peace of mind and that her life is perfect.

And although much has happened, she says there is hardly a thing she could have changed owing to the challenges the two have had as a result of being in the limelight.

Just like most first-time moms, Lillian confirmed she had been scared wondering how it would feel to be pregnant but she was grateful that her journey was largely easy.

She revealed that she never experienced many of the dreaded issues women face in the early days of pregnancy, such as morning sickness.

"The only issue I had, just a bit, was difficulty breathing... loss of breath like when you're going up the stairs but it was a very easy pregnancy. I was able to remain active until the very end," she disclosed.

On her relationship with Juliani, 'Mama Light' said the two are independent despite them being together as husband and wife which she said she enjoys.

Lillian says she doesn't feel the pressure of being married owing to her husband being brilliant adding that he has great ideas and wants the best for and out of her.

"He is a brilliant person, he has brilliant ideas very intelligent and he really wants the best for me. He always tells me, 'Babe, you can be anything you want to be'. I do not have a doubt about the person I am but you know, he is the kind of a person who pumps me up which is very important for a marriage partner," she said.

Touching on the repeated social media trolling she faces, Lillian stated that she does not hold anything against those who are bitter with her, adding that she wonders why they feel triggered.

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