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Bahati denies ever working with or stealing Eddie Butita's show

I don't remember doing that but maybe he wants to trend - Bahati on Eddie Butita

Singer Bahati and his wife Diana Marua and comedian Eddie Butita

Musician Bahati has finally responded to accusations levelled against him by comedian and script writer Eddie Butita.

In a short interview on the sidelines of his wife's surprise birthday party, Bahati claimed that he was not aware of any intellectual property theft accusations made by Butita.

A nonchalant Bahati went on to suggest that Butita might have been chasing clout using his name.

"Unfortunately I've been busy, I did not watch [Butita's interview] but I don't remember doing that.


"You know the Bahatis are the talk of the town and I bless God for that and everyone is allowed to trend using our names. He might be attempting to reach a certain level and you know trending is not easy," the Adhiambo singer told reporters.

When asked on whether he had ever done a project with Butita, Bahati completely refuted having ever discussed business with the comedian.

Eddie Butita Reacts

Butita picked the video clip of Bahati dismissing his accusation and shared it on his personal platforms.


The comedian went on to announce that he is still a fan of the work Bahati and his wife do.

"I worked with you because I believe in you. You know very well COOK AND REVEAL was created by Eddie Butita under Stage Presence Media. The least you should have said is sorry because it is life, watu hukosea (people go wrong) and am human mimi husamehea (I forgive).

"Lakini unajua niaje, MUNGU ndio hupeana ideas, zingine zitakam (You never know, God is the one who gives ideas and I will have many other good ones). The truth is like light it can never be hidden it is just a matter of time," Butita remarked.

Speaking for the first time about the dispute, Butita on Thursday stated that the Cook and Reveal Show on Diana Marua's YouTube platform was a creation of Stage Presence Media and it took him three months to conceptualize.


He added that after doing a smooth first season of the show, Bahati approached a different company to sponsor it without him, cutting him out of a very lucrative deal.

He [Bahati] doesn’t know how hard people worked to figure out how to bring Diana onto the show, how she was branded into a host and how the real stories would be blended in.

They decided to do it alone later yet they were just cast members and did not own it,” the scriptwriter explained.


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