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BBC presenter under fire for paying for explicit photos of teen

Presenter allegedly paid teen for graphic images

BBC studio [Image: BBC]

According to a report by The Sun, an unnamed BBC presenter has been accused of engaging in the payment of a teenager for sexually explicit photographs, beginning when the individual was 17 years old.

The payments allegedly amounted to tens of thousands of pounds, and the BBC is said to be investigating the matter. Currently, the presenter is not scheduled to appear on air in the near future.

The teenager's family reportedly lodged a complaint with the BBC on May 19, expressing their frustration over the continued presence of the presenter on the network.


The mother of the alleged victim disclosed to The Sun that her child, now 20 years old, used the money received from the presenter to support a crack cocaine addiction.

She described the transformation of her once cheerful child into a ghostly figure addicted to crack over a three-year period.

A BBC spokesperson affirmed the company's commitment to taking such allegations seriously, with established processes in place to proactively address them.

The spokesperson added that if they receive information necessitating further investigation or examination, appropriate actions will be taken.


This includes actively attempting to communicate with individuals who have reached out to provide additional details and gain a comprehensive understanding of the situation.

In cases where there is no response or further contact from relevant parties, it may impede the progress of the investigation.

However, the BBC emphasized that they remain open to acting upon any new information that comes to light, including information provided by newspapers, and will take appropriate measures in accordance with their internal protocols.


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