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Billionaire Catherine Nyongesa: Remote marriage, wealth & owning Texas Cancer Center

Catherine Nyongesa is Kenya's first female radiation oncologist who commands a significant fortune valued in billions.

Dr Catherine Naliaka Nyongesa Watta, the first Kenyan female physician and radiation oncologist: Founder, owner, and chief executive of Texas Cancer Centre

Dr Catherine Nyongesa's life journey is one of remarkable resilience, compassion, and entrepreneurial spirit.

From humble beginnings in Ebosiso village, Bungoma County, to becoming a pioneering figure in oncology and healthcare entrepreneurship, her story is both inspiring and impactful.

Born into a family of ten, Catherine Nyongesa faced financial constraints that shaped her early years.


Raised by hardworking but poor parents, she understood the value of education as the key to a better life.

Despite the challenges, Nyongesa excelled academically, driven by her innate determination and supported by well-wishers who recognised her potential.

After graduating from Misikhu Girls Secondary School, Nyongesa's academic prowess earned her a spot at the University of Nairobi to study medicine.


Her journey in the medical field began, laying the foundation for her future endeavors. Following her graduation in 1995, Nyongesa embarked on a career in various hospitals, driven by her passion to make a difference in healthcare.

Nyongesa's personal experiences, particularly caring for her sister battling uterine cancer, ignited her passion for oncology.

Determined to contribute meaningfully to cancer treatment, she pursued a master's degree in Oncology at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa.

Her studies equipped her with the expertise and vision to address the gaps in cancer care in Kenya.


Returning to Kenya with a bold vision, Nyongesa identified the pressing need for specialised cancer treatment centers.

Recognising the challenges faced by cancer patients in accessing quality care, she envisioned the establishment of the Texas Cancer Centre.

Despite the risks involved, Nyongesa secured a significant loan and founded the center in 2010, marking a milestone in her journey.


Nyongesa's Texas Cancer Centre quickly gained recognition. Her commitment to bridging the gap in cancer care has not gone unnoticed, with the facility now valued at over Sh1 billion.

Her pioneering role as the first female radiation oncologist in Kenya reflects her dedication to breaking barriers and empowering women in healthcare.


Beyond her entrepreneurial ventures, Nyongesa remains actively involved in teaching and mentoring medical students, leaving a lasting impact on future generations of healthcare professionals.

Dr Catherine Nyongesa shared the intriguing story of how she met her husband, Mr Wata, during an interview with Lynn Ngugi.

According to her, it all began when a nurse at Kenyatta Hospital asked her to visit a patient suffering from cervical cancer.


During her visit to the ward, she encountered a gentleman who introduced her to his brother, Mr Wata, a pharmacist based in Texas. Their conversation blossomed, leading to the exchange of photos and mutual interest.

Dr Nyongesa recounted how they scheduled calls, exchanged pleasantries, and even met Mr. Wata's mother in Western Kenya. Remarkably, their connection deepened, culminating in a decision to marry over the phone.

Despite never meeting in person, they decided to formalise their relationship over the phone.


She humorously shared that by the time she left for home, she was already Mr Wata's wife, despite never having met face-to-face.

Eventually, Mr. Wata returned, and they both met each other's families, formalizing their marriage. The couple has three children.

As per a Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) report in 2017, Catherine Nyongesa ranks among the select group of high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) earning an annual income ranging from Sh350 million to Sh1 billion.


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