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KRG reveals the age at which he made his first million

KRG does not shy away from showing off his wealth in the public

KRG The Don. He revealed his worth and when he first made his million.

KRG The Don has revealed the age at which he made his first million.

KRG's wealth and source of the same leave many talking because other than doing music he rarely talks about the other sources of his money as he drives top-of-the-range vehicles.

During an interview with Dr Ofweneke, on TV47 the 'Kairetu' singer whose real name is Kiragu Kimani said he made his first million at the age of 17.

"That was in 2008, I was 17 years," he said answering the question about the age at which he made his first million.


Ofweneke wanted to know how much he makes from music, and the musician said he does music out of fun and his love for music. He likened it to a beautiful lady who does not have to wear makeup to appear beautiful.

According to KRG, he had the money even way he started doing music hence the value he gets from it is peanuts compared to what he makes from his other businesses.

On the secret of making money, he said, "The secret of making money is first dependent on the level of hunger for the money you have, it depends on what you want in your life and how much you want to achieve in life".


When asked how much he is worth at a time when the parliamentarians were grueling cabinet nominees, the singer said, "I think I am approaching 5 billion".

KRG has kept secret his source of money but during an interview with a local media house, The Standard years back, revealed that he runs a chain of businesses ranging from construction to transport among others.

"My money comes from business. I am into construction. I have a company called Kilions Group that builds roads and buildings together with my partner. I also have a tour and travel business called Taraja Safaris where we do ticketing, safaris, and car hire. I also have a transport business under Wallstreet Corporation that runs the business of commercial lorries like trailers and tippers. I have other investments too" he said.


Some of the songs by the 31-year-old and father of three are, 'Kairetu', 'Wano', 'I'll Never Go', and 'Antidote' among others which he has collaborated with other artistes.


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