Bishop Allan Kiuna forced to defend son over going to Church with dreadlocks (Photos)

Jeremy had been criticized for going to Church with dreadlocks

Bishop Allan Kiuna and Son Jeremy Kiuna

Jubilee Christian Church (JCC)’s Bishop Allan Kiuna has been forced to defend his son Jeremy Kiuna after he was criticized for rocking dreadlocks while going to Church.

A Facebook user identified as Kamau KE, reached out to Bishop Kiuna wondering if its right for a man to go to church with dreadlocks, in reference to his son.

“Is it wrong to put up dread as a man and go to churchnjokeria mitamboini” asked Kamau KE.

Kiuna Response

The inquiry prompted Kiuna who had shared a photo of his son with dreadlocks to explain that sometimes parent don’t have control over what their children wear or put on their head.

He added that it’s not the physical appearance that makes a man but what’s in his heart and therefore everybody is welcomed to Church no matter his appearance.

“@Kamau KE you have no control over what your children wear or put on their head, you have to control what enters their heart. We have very many bald headed, suited up men, who are broken, discouraged and depressed. It is not the suit that makes a man, it is what is in their heart, now, you may disagree with me, and that's fine, but the last thing I will ever judge on any member of my church is how they look. Because it is in the church, that they are transformed through the Word and it is their responsibility to apply God's principles and be transformed through the renewal of their minds. Thank you!” reads Bishop Kiuna reply.

Last, year emotions ran high during Jeremy Kiuna’s graduation at the New Manchester High School, in UK.

Jeremy, who was born with cerebral palsy and in 2019 went under the knife so as to be able to walk, had the crowd cheer him on, with his family members unable to hide their Joy.

In 2016 Jeremy went through his first surgery “Going through what I’ve been through in my life isn’t the best. Some days I mess up, some days I do the best I can. June 1, 2016, was my first surgery ever in my entire life. It was crazy because I needed the surgery to be able to walk and I finally got the opportunity God gave me and I’m happy."


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