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Sarah Kabu shares her most dreaded moment of the year 2022

Sarah was expecting to have her babies in January 2023.

Simon Kabu and Sarah Kabu

Bonfire Adventures CEO's wife, Sarah Kabu has revealed that she suffered a miscarriage in the year 2022 a matter that took a toll on her.

Speaking to YouTuber Eve Mungai, Sarah spoke about losing twins at the beginning of the year saying it was the most distasteful thing that ever happened to her.

Sarah who was anticipating having her babies in January 2023 remains hopeful that she will at some point get children in the future if it is in the plans of God.

"I feel so bad although I got to accept because I have been blessed enough with two beautiful babies. But imagine I was expecting some twins which were supposed to be due in January but things did not happen the way we had anticipated and we leave it to God. but am still hopeful if it was his will for that to happen maybe it will happen one day sooner than later," she said.


She also shared the same message with her fans on her social handles saying prayers work and also. She thanked her husband, Simon Kabu for standing with her when she most needed him.

Her husband, Simon Kabu had shared the good news saying he was ready to be called a father for the third time but that was unfortunately nowhere to be seen. None of the two ever talked about the matter since the loss of the unborn babies.

"This is hard to type but sometimes back I lost my twins due in January am trusting God for another miracle one day. My friends, prayers work. Simon Kabu, thank you for standing with me during the difficult times," she shared alongside a photo of her in the hospital.


Differently, the joyous Sarah and a mother of two was among Kenyans who suggested names that Bahati and his wife should name their unborn baby when the couple asked for suggestions.

Sarah says she loves Swahili names which she has also named her very own children. And as fate would be, the Bahati's adopted Sarah's suggestion of the name Malaika.

The couple spent most of their vacation time together and have traveled to some of the best tourist attractions sites in the country and beyond.


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