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Check out Ababu Namwamba's exquisite mansions [Photos]

One of the properties is a beach front manision while another resembles a palace

Ababu Namwamba's exquisite mansions

Former Foreign Affairs CAS Ababu Namwamba has had an illustrious career as a lawyer, politician and state officer which has afforded him a lifestyle many can only dream off.

From frequent flights, rubbing shoulders with world leaders and accumulating wealth, Namwamba fits the bill of a person who has class and is not afraid to express it.

Other than his fleet of cars, the former CAS also has two mansions, one in Budalangi located on the shores of Lake Victoria and another in Karen, Nairobi.


The two houses are so opulent and luxurious that you can say that his house comes in handy when he needs to host dignitaries.

Namwamba was recently appointed as Head of International Relations at the William Samoei Ruto presidential campaign.

Both houses have lush gardens which have often been used to land choppers, host parties and celebrations.


"I consider myself sustained. If you measure wealth in terms of material terms of a home like this...or in the form of a car like the Range Rover parked down here or whether you have a residence.

If you measure wealth by those material factors or yardsticks then yeah, you'd say I have sufficient to live on and to give my family and myself a comfortable living. If that is being wealthy then I thank God, that is a blessing," Ababu told Viu Sasa in a past interview.

Aside from politics, Ababu is a lawyer who specialises in international human rights law and contributed articles for Kenya's top newspapers.


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