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Chris Kirwa shares why he was under self-imposed house arrest after quitting 1st job

Kirwa said that when things became exceedingly desperate, he locked himself in his house for one month to avoiding going back to the job

Renowned events organiser Chris Kirwa

Not every day does one wake up and quit their job, never to return, regardless of how difficult and desperate things may become.

This was the situation that events guru Chris Kirwa found himself in early in life. He made the decision to quit his job, citing a lack of growth in his then-current position, and vowed never to return.

Without a solid backup plan thereafter, Kirwa committed to this decision. When things became exceedingly desperate, he locked himself in his house for one month. He shared this experience during an interview on KTN's 'What's Your Story.'

"I walked out of employment and walked all the way home. I used to stay in Umoja, and the reason I left is that I kept thinking I didn't want to go back to that job. I kept thinking the reason why I didn't want to go back was that I was not improving," Kirwa explained.


Kirwa added that the lack of mentorship almost led him to reconsider, but he remained steadfast in the decision he had made. To prevent himself from going back, he isolated himself in his house.

"The leap was forced, where you feel the need to leave and do something for yourself. Trust me, it's not easy. I locked myself in the house so I don't leave. I was in the house for a month because I kept telling myself if I leave, nothing will change," Kirwa said.

He acknowledged that he did not know exactly what he wanted to do at that point, but he was determined to figure it out.


Having had a stint with the state broadcaster, Kirwa now runs an events company with his wife and has become a household name in the events industry.

His interest in events sprouted from watching major events on TV, gradually developing a passion for organizing such occasions.

"I used to watch the Olympics, Diamond League, Oscars, Grammy Awards, and take notes on how they were set up, getting a few tips on that," he stated.

In 2016, he established CateChris Limited, an events company, and has garnered several accolades due to his mastery of the business.


In 2019, he was crowned as the Events Host of the Year 2019 by the Africa MICE Awards.


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