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I was frogmarched into university - Lillian Muli on her childhood career dream

The prime-time news anchor revealed that she was frogmarched to the university by her father who chose her career on her behalf.

Lillian Muli

Citizen TV's prime-time news anchor Lillian Muli has said that she never wanted to study media, rather, she was forced by her late father to get into journalism.

The TV queen, who has been on screen for close to [twenty- anything above nine is written in numerals, I emphasised this so many times!] years now, said she wanted to follow in the footsteps of her father who was a lawyer saying she liked his professional attire.

"My late dad was an advocate of the High Court and later was in a law firm that he co-owned with his partners and I looked up to this man so much. He was the best-spoken man I had ever met, he was elegant and in those days they used to wear wigs and gowns so I would go to his office and see the wigs and gowns and so I always wanted to do law," Lillian said.

According to Lillian, she participated in school debates to prepare for future law studies but little did she know her father had different plans for her. She says her father advised her that her personality was not fit for her to do law.


"Here I thought I was going to transition into law, and I was absolutely not. You are not doing law because you are not that type of personality, I don't see you being a lawyer and I asked why," Lillian said.

Muli, however, admitted that sometimes parents know what is good for their children to some extent.

"But I think our parents understand us better to some extent so he literally frogmarched me into Daystar, got the admission forms, and the rest is history. I did electronic media communication and minored in marketing and that is how I ended up in media," Lillian added.


Although that happened years ago, Lillian still wonders about the kind of a lawyer she would have become adding she does not regret following her father's direction.

"It is a good thing, he clearly saw that the potential was in me but I still can't help and wonder what kind of a lawyer I would have made," said Lillian.

Lilian Muli started her career in 2005 at Standard Media's KTN where she interned in the production department. After trying and doing several screen tests without success, she finally got her big break when she was sent to deliver scripts and in the process left the panel of judges impressed.


The mother of two worked for KTN for six years but in December 2010 she quit working at Standard Group’s KTN and moved to Royal Media Services’ Citizen TV where she has been working as an anchor.

In RMS, she has hosted a number of shows like the famous Slim Possible Show, One on One Show after Friday’s 9:00 p.m. news, and Fashion Watch on Saturday after the 9:00 p.m. news.


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