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Alex Mathenge throws shade at KRG the Don for flaunting Sh10M transactions

Comedian Alex Mathenge in an ugly spat with musician KRG the Don

Alex Mathenge throws shade at KRG the Don after flaunting Sh10M M-Pesa transactions

Kenyan comedian Alex Mathenge is embroiled in an ugly online spat with musician KRG the Don over his bragging nature on social media.

Mathenge picked an online fight with the Fast Cash Music president after KRG displayed his monthly M-Pesa transactions. The comedian stated that wealthy people have no business showing off.

“People with money don’t spend much on M-Pesa, they spend on cheques, RTGs, EFT, online banking, and other modules. Sasa wewe juu ni treasurer wa chama saba unatuonyesha M-Pesa spend, you end up exposing your ignorance,” Alex Mathenge said in part.


The funnyman argued that the musician was walking around with school fees and rent money under the pretense that he is rich.

“You will rarely find a real rich man with hard cash. Everything is kind of sorted by your financial guys. Acheni kutembea na pesa ya rent and school fees kwa bar.

“Those people who post their M-Pesa spend online have what is called ADHD – Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Disorder,” Mathenge added.


However, in a quick rejoinder KRG the Don hit back at Mathenge, accusing him of seeking relevance using his name.

“Mr struggling comedian, if it's clout, you are looking for with my name trust me you will get it. I will give it to you for free but on your end, it will come with a lot of pain. From chest pains to heartaches,” the Fast Cash president remarked.

KRG warned that the comedian should beef with people in his league or else he will regret his actions.

“You will find yourself crying alone like a small baby. Ask those who came before you trying to beef with me.

“I’m not in your league…deal with your fellow level; mates coz I’m on a different level in all aspects,” KRG warned.


KRG the Don and digital influencer Sammy Boy shared their monthly transactions on M-Pesa and fans could not keep calm.

The screenshots indicate that in a month KRG transacts about Sh10 million while Sammy Boy transacts over Sh24 million on M-Pesa monthly.


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