Former Churchill show comedian George Maina Njoroge aka Njoro the Comedian has landed a new job with Flamingo Radio days after making a comeback from Rehab.

Njoro shared the good news with his Instagram fans, requesting them to tune in to his show that will be airing from Monday to Friday, 7pm to 10pm.

The funnyman will be hosting backstage show alongside DJ Charlie and Otim Otim. Flamingo Radio is located in Nakuru.

“Kesho Niko radio majamaa... Tonight we do this ...listen give me your views tafadhali...” shared Njoro the comedian.

Njoro the Comedian with DJ Charlie and Otim Otim
Njoro the Comedian with DJ Charlie and Otim Otim

Njoro’s bounce back to radio captured Mwalimu Churchill’s attention, who wished him well in his new journey with an affirmation that he believes in his talent.

“That's ya calling...I know you can do it...You've done it at Kiss, in Washington DC...Nakuru Kenya even ain't ready for you!!!Focus and kill it...coz we all know you can!!!! Chapa ilale...👏👏👏👍🔥” reads Mwalimu Churchill’s message to Njoro.

Njoro left Rehab on October 17, thanking everybody who was instrumental in his recovery journey.

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Njoro the Comedian
Njoro the Comedian

“We are back .....acha niongee. Tumerudi Sasa ..I thank God .it's a tough journey..we did it fam ..thank you so much for your support ,love and encouragement wish I could meet all of you tukule mutura...@jessythemc thanks big brother ,@jimmygaitofficial Asante bro God bless you @mercymasikamuguro thanks for being a big sister to me .@zainabuzeddy thanks my sister .@tinakaggia Asante Sana dear .my diaspora fam ,@beekayzie @stevembugua @suzynjugush @mitch @mauren ,Allan ,kibet from MN Asante I Sana God bless you sana friend Othuol Othuol rest in peace my guy..😭😭” shared Njoro.

In August, Njoro announced that he was going into Rehab for 3 months after battling depression for a while.

In July Njoro opened up on battling alcoholism and attempting to take his own life three times, unsuccessfully.