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Corazon reveals how her kids were almost taken away while battling depression

I was diagnosed with clinical depression, I begged for help & I was told Leta watoto tulee - Kwamboka

Corazon Kwamboka breaks her silence

Kenyan lawyer and socialite Corazon Kwamboka has shared little known details about her relationship with baby daddy Frankie Just GymIt – bringing to the limelight the struggles she has been going through behind closed doors.

Kwamboka confessed that she has been trying hard to make co-parenting work but ends up being subjected to disrespect on a daily basis.

“Women are so used to being traumatized by people around us. I mean do you draw the line? I’m pissed, I have been disrespected, tried, my best to co-parent and maintain an amicable relationship even with the disrespect I receive on daily for my kids,” Kwamboka said.


She went on to narrate her battle with postpartum depression and being diagnosed with clinical depression.

“My kids need a sane mother. I have told I did not have postpartum depression. Because I want not diagnosed. Postpartum kila siku. Were the statement said by a fellow woman. This is while my baby is less than 2 months. I was diagnosed with Clinical depression, I begged for help. I was told 'Leta watoto tulee’ while you get your mental health right,” she said.

Adding that; “I dusted myself, no one was going to make my kids. I rose like a Phoenix. Finally, I’m doing better. I have healed/Healing. I have an amazing man. You decided this is the time to torment me, expose me. for what? What do you achieve?


In a series of posts, Kwamboka lamented how Frankie was using her vulnerability to chase clout while on a media tour in Tanzania.

She mentioned that the information she shared with Frankie about growing up without a father figure was private and confidential.

“Imagine telling someone shit in private nd confidence with fill vulnerability then they use it for clout. #Beendone.

“If I start to talk, no one will stop me. But I choose to remain silent, for the sake of my children because I know one day they will be grown.

“Funny enough, the person talking about all this is actually talking about themselves. Funny how people can be so delusional,” Corazon Kwamboka said in a series of posts.


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