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Diana B explains why she used Prado TX gift for the 1st time on Saturday

Marua has also spoken on why she is yet to move into the new mansion she received as a gift

Diana Bahati leaning against Prado TX gift from her hubby Kevin Bahati

Musician and content creator Diana Marua Bahati on Saturday excitedly updated her fans on why she was yet to use the car and mansion she received as gifts from her partner Kevin Bahati.

Diana B stated that she had taken the Prado TX to the shop for some custom works and had only received it back on February 26.

Showcasing her now pimped-out Prado, Mrs Bahati indicated that she was most excited about the grille lights, which were flickering in blue and red.

She also raved about a new multimedia screen fitted into the car's dashboard, as she filmed, the screen was blaring Bahati's Love Like This.


Marua also showed her fans the sunroof, a gadget she referred to as a 'siren' and new rims fitted on the wheels of her car, she added: "The number plate is not yet out but as soon as I get it, all of you will know! I'm super excited."

Outlining the reason why she had not moved into the new mansion she also received as a gift, Diana B explained that it was out of consideration of her children's school calendar.

"Let's just put it out there because mnasema sijui ni fake, ni fake. It's because of school. Babies are still in school but I thank God that they are doing their exams," she stated, adding that her family will have moved into the house by March 10.


Speaking on the extravagant life she seems to be living, Diana B attributed it to "a smile from God" adding that it is the Almighty's way of shaming Marua's detractors.

"I'm literally looking at my life right now and I'm like, 'God has smiled at me', yaani, amevuta machozi yangu, akahakikisha wale walionisema wamenyamazishwa (he has wiped away my tears, and silenced those who spoke about me). What do you have to say now?" she posed.


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