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Mathare parliamentary hopeful Kevin Bahati and his wife Diana Marua are expecting baby number three into their family

The two announced the pregnancy through a music video dubbed Nakulombotov - a collaboration Diana B has featured her husband.

In the song, the two love birds confess their undying love to their unborn child. They also said that they will always hustle hard for their children to afford a decent life.

Bahati and Marua welcomed their second born child named Majesty Bahati back in August 2019.

“Glory to Jesus, at exactly 1:04 pm Bah has been born Majesty,” read Bahati’s post.

On the other hand, Bahati's first born daughter Heaven Bahati was born on February 14th, 2018 at the Karen Hospital.

Award-winning Tanzanian singer Nandy has vowed to never share photos, name or even the gender of her child when she gives birth.

The singer was responding to questions on whether she will open social media accounts for her child with fiancé Billnass.

The songstress argued that she will only make details of their child public when he/she is of age and understands what social media is.

“Kuhusu swala la mtoto, hatakuwa kwenye social media. Hakuna mtu atajua jina lake wala jinsia,” Nandy said.

Nandy and her fiancé Billnass announced their pregnancy on July 7, 2022, after keeping the news to themselves for a while.

KTN News Business journalist Brenda Kerubo has left the station after a three-year and seven months stint.

Through her twitter page, the eloquent journalist bid her viewers and fans goodbye, sending an appreciation to her the station which she attributes her career growth to.

Kerubo who hosted the KTN News business segment Captains of Industries where she featured different emerging and longtime business leaders said her leaving was for a change in direction. Besides broadcasting, Kerubo also took part in production and the print wing of the media group.

“Today l anchored my last bulletin at KTN News a place l consider home because of the people. A place where my career rose to a level l would never have imagined. Today l sign off and say goodbye. Thank you for watching and supporting my stories and programs, forever grateful,” said Kerubo.

Citizen TV presenter and gospel DJ Gee Gee and his wife Jasmine Macharia have announced that they are expecting baby number two into their family.

The couple made the announcement while on a vacation at the Kenyan coast, with Jasmine surprising her hubby with the pregnancy news - something that left him speechless for a few seconds.

“Was so glad to finally surprise him this time with this news. How I kept this to myself for a full day and trip to Malindi is beyond me, but I knew I wanted to surprise him on the first day of our holiday.

“Never think that having kids is just sex. It’s not a given. It’s all GOD!!! Children a gift from above. We wanted this for months and kept getting negative results then God made a way in His perfect timing. To those in waiting, I pray that you may testify of His faithfulness in this season. God hears. God answers,” narrated Jasmine Macharia.

In a separate post, Ms Macharia wrote; “God is faithful! God answers. Baby no. 2 loading” attracting lots of congratulatory messages from her followers.

Kenyan fitness Instructor Frankie Just GymIt has been forced to eat a humble pie and apologize to his two baby mamas Maureen Waititu and Corazon Kwamboka.

Frankie confessed that he is subjected the mother of his kids to unwanted pain and trolls and he is truly sorry.

“Maureen, I’m definitely sorry, for putting you through what you went through in terms of I tried to cut you off, when in that situation I think we could have had a much better bond and understanding of how to deal with that situation.

I should have treated you like the mother of my Kids than treating you like a girlfriend or juts someone I was with. You are special to me and my kids and you will always be valued,” Frankie apologized to Maureen Waititu.

“First I would like to apologize to Corazon Kwamboka, that statement within that interview, it wants appropriate to say it, especially to talk about the situation you have been through, it want not my part to say that and the intentions behind that was pure. But obviously it came out the way it came out and I know it hurt you I a major way.

“I felt like it was betrayal on my end but definitely I’m always on your side and I will always protect you over anyone else. I’m sorry about that, that is for you to speak about that and not me,” Frankie said.

During the interview with Lynn Ngugi, Frankie mentioned that he has not seen his kids with Maureen Waititu for the past two years.

Tanzanian award-winning singer and Next Level Music (NLM) president, Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa with the stage name Rayvanny, has officially parted ways with Diamond Platnumz-owned record label, WCB Wasafi.

The Tetema hitmaker made the announcement on Tuesday, July 12, 2022, thanking Chibu Dangote for mentoring and nurturing his talent for the past six years.

“It’s been six years since we started working together. My team, my family WCB Wasafi, love and unity has been very instrumental in the success of our team.

"I have learned a lot and also we have achieved a lot together. I was the first Tanzanian artiste to win a BET award. I have been the first artiste to perform on big platforms like the MTV EMAs stage, Dubai Expo and many more," Rayvanny said in part.

Adding that; "I have been the first artiste to enter the billboard charts, first artiste from East Africa to hit 100, 000, 000 views on Boomplay. All this happened when we were together. Thank so much my family WCB Wasafi and my bother Diamond Platnumz for giving an opportunity so that the world can witness my talent that I was blessed by God to be able to help my family and reach where I’m now with lots of success.

"My Brother Diamond Platnumz, my respect to you will never fade or cease. I value so much your contribution in my life and my God bless you always. And all that you have done to me, May God continue to bless you abundantly. God bless you Simba,”.

The singer mentioned that he was going to concentrate on running his own record label - Next Level Music (NLM) and give other up-and-coming stars a chance to be signed by Diamond.

In March 2021, Rayvanny launched his own record label dubbed Next Level Music (NLM) and he has already signed an artiste by the name MacVoice.

Tanzania singer Harmonize has changed rules of engagement when it comes to booking him for shows, after adding his fiancée Frida Kajala to the list of his managers.

According to the singer, anybody looking forward to have him at his/her show should always book an extra seat for his lover, as she will always be part of his team.

“If you want me, make sure you can fly my Queen in the private jet, make sure there is two business class tickets and V8 for my team and band. Normal tickets then we go to Qatar. For more booking check with Frida Kajala and Choppa Tz,” Harmonize said.

Harmonize appointed Bongo movie actress Frida Kajala as one of his managers after rekindling their lost love.

"Doha tonight. Dubai 16 July. Mtwara 23 July. More booking contact me Let’s go," Kajala wrote.

Kenya’s female Disk Jokey, DJ Pierra Makena has broken her silence after netizens attacked her over what they termed as indecent dressing.

In an update, Makena opted to walk her trolls down the memory lane to the days she used to be bashed for being overweight.

“Sweethearts mko aje leo? Listen....years ago I was dead terrified about what will people say!! I was overweight, I got trolled and peoples opinion became my daily bread... I covered myself. I was not proud of myself and I hated me all because of few peoples opinions," Makena said in part.

She went on to narrate that she opted to turn around her life and now she loves everything about herself. The actress stated that she cares less about people’s opinions.

“One day I turned around and realised that I don't need to take it. And my life changed. I started loving me and everything that is me. So if today you see me doing me, with all due respect keep your opinion of me to yourself.. on a scale of 2017 to now I DGAF.

"Otherwise NAWALOMBOTOVU!, ION I have a new work out plan if you want to join me,” Pierra Makena said.

On Wednesday, Makena landed in trouble with a section of her fans over what they termed as indecent dressing.

Kenyan lawyer and socialite Corazon Kwamboka has shared little known details about her relationship with baby daddy Frankie Just GymIt – bringing to the limelight the struggles she has been going through behind closed doors.

Kwamboka confessed that she has been trying hard to make co-parenting work but ends up being subjected to disrespect on a daily basis.

“Women are so used to being traumatized by people around us. I mean do you draw the line? I’m pissed, I have been disrespected, tried, my best to co-parent and maintain an amicable relationship even with the disrespect I receive on daily for my kids,” Kwamboka said.

She went on to narrate her battle with postpartum depression and being diagnosed with clinical depression.

“My kids need a sane mother. I have told I did not have postpartum depression. Because I want not diagnosed. Postpartum kila siku. Were the statement said by a fellow woman. This is while my baby is less than 2 months. I was diagnosed with Clinical depression, I begged for help. I was told 'Leta watoto tulee’ while you get your mental health right,” she said.

Adding that; “I dusted myself, no one was going to make my kids. I rose like a Phoenix. Finally, I’m doing better. I have healed/Healing. I have an amazing man. You decided this is the time to torment me, expose me. for what? What do you achieve?

In a series of posts, Kwamboka lamented how Frankie was using her vulnerability to chase clout while on a media tour in Tanzania.

She mentioned that the information she shared with Frankie about growing up without a father figure was private and confidential.

Kibera-born musician Stevo Simple Boy is set to launch his own juice brand named after his popular song and merchandise label, Freshi Barida.

The fast-rising rapper announced the exciting news on Tuesday stating that the juice will soon be available in shops and supermarkets.

"Na mungu akituzidia zitakua madukani ivi karibuni tukue freshi barida (And with God's help, it will be available very soon so that we can be freshi barida)," he said while sharing the artwork for the juice brand on a can.

This comes a few months after Stevo Simple Boy trademarked the viral phrase.

The Mihadharati hitmaker has been doing good in the must industry, he just did a remix of his hit song Freshi Barida with other musicians in Kenya.

After trademarking Freshi Barida, any person or company that will use Simple Boy’s slogan without prior notice will risk a lawsuit.

Celebrated media personality Anita Nderu and her husband Barrett Raftery have officially announced that they are expecting their first child.

The couple announced the good news via a stunningly choreographed video shared on Nderu's social media page and fans could not keep calm. The caption read "Extra Extra 🗞 ft @barrettraftery ❤️"

Before putting up the video, Nderu shared a series of posts that featured snippets from the video but the former radio host was clever enough to hide clues from her fans.

The one minute 45 seconds long video, starts off with the camera tracking forwards on a black and white floor akin to the introduction of vintage films.

In another segment of the video, a trail of red, yellow and green beads guides the audience to seeing Nderu's bulging tummy as a smiling and over-the-moon Anita picks up an antique Western Electric telephone followed by her saying, "news just-in."

The host of the Overdressed Cook show looked stunning in the video. Transitioning from dress to dress, Nderu appeared elegant and chic.

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