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Diana Marua dragged in Bahati & Sifuna's fight, Amber Ray renews beef with Amira & other stories on #PulseUhondoMtaani

#PulseUhondoMtaani - Zuchu's video grinding on her boss Diamond set tongues wagging

Bahati, Diana Marua, Huddah Monroe, Betty Kyallo and Amber Ray

It’s another exciting weekend and #PulseUhondoMtaani as is always the case is here to update you on the best of the entertainment world, and what you might have missed.

So, let’s get down to the business of the day.

The war of words between Kenyan musician Kevin Bahati Kioko and ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna is far from over as the two continue to throw salvos at each other.


The two have been trading harsh words on social media following Sifuna’s announcement that Bahati had stepped down in favour of the ODM candidate in Mathare constituency, Anthony Oluoch.

Sifuna shared a short clip of the Jubilee party leadership confirming that Bahati was no longer in the Mathare race.

In his words, the ODM SG alleged that he will only accept Bahati’s apology through his wife Diana Marua - this after the singer lectured him over what he termed as propagating fake news about his candidature.


“Ahsante sana wana Jubilee Party Nairobi for resolving the Mathare question for us. We now have a candidate. Hio kijana ya kulia lia nitachukua apology yake kwa Diana personally [Let the crying boy know I will accept an apology through his wife Diana, personally],” Sifuna captioned the Jubilee Party video.

Bahati clapped back at Sifuna, asking him to refrain from mentioning his wife’s name. He went on to allege that Sifuna had been paid by his opponent to soil his bid as the next Mathare MP.

“F*ck you Mr Sifuna. Keep your mouth away from mentioning my wife in your cheap politics! Have some respect for women,” Bahati hit back.

He also made it clear that he will be on the ballot come August 9, 2022, requesting his supporters to ignore statements made by Sifuna.


Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz and his signee Zuchu are back again in the headlines following a steamy session they had on Thursday night at Zuchu’s home.

The songstress hosted a private listening party of her two songs Jaro and Fire at her premises and videos from the occasion have left tongues wagging.

The video in question captures the Sukari hitmaker dancing and grinding on her boss suggestively – something that has left many with questions.


For the longest time, the two have been rumoured to be in a romantic relationship and their actions are definitely speaking louder than their words.

The two have continued to raise eyebrows on the status of their relationship with a section of their fans asking them to come out of the closest.

However, Chibu Dangote has always insisted that his relationship with Zuchu remains that of a boss and his employee.


Martha Karua teamed up with Kenyan creatives to release a song to woo voters to support the Azimo la Umoja One Kenya alliance coalition.

Some of the musicians who are featured in the video include Sally Wisdom, Grace Mwai, Jecinta Omondi, and Fena Gitu.

The song was created to celebrate Karua’s journey which spans over three decades.


The song also features vocals from rapper Juliani and cameo appearances by Joseph Benjamin Wachira Nyokabi, a Tiktok content creator who made a skit mimicking Karua that went viral.

Photos of the video shoot first emerged on June 24 when activist Boniface Mwangi shares behind the scene videos.

Celebrated South Africa TV and radio personality Moshe Ndiki shocked netizens after throwing a lavish private memorial service and funeral for his late dog named Sugar Ndiki.


The exquisite send-off that has become the talk of town in South Africa, was held on Tuesday with his close friends and family gracing the rare occasion.

The media personality later shared photos captured from the funeral service, thanking all those who showed up to accord his dog a proper send-off.

The star went all out for his dog, contracting an events company dubbed Nono Events to put everything together.

“Beautiful and amazing send off for my baby. Thank you Nono events.


“Thank you to everyone that sent condolences, attended the funeral and sent us heartwarming messages, you’re truly appreciated, thank you to my friends and family for understanding my pain and how much I loved my puppy , Sugar Ndiki always and forever ♥️," Moshe Ndiki wrote after the funeral service

During the funeral service, the radio personality revealed that is dog died as a result of being bitten by a Pitbull.

“I have had Sugar for five years. He passed away almost a week ago after being bitten by a Pitbull. I decided to have a lavish funeral, why not? People do it for their loved ones, their kids, and their parents and why can’t do it for my pet? He was a constant in my life. I loved him. I don’t see a reason why not and I don’t see anything wrong,” Moshe Ndiki explained.

On June 18, Ndiki put up a lengthy post mourning his five year dog.


American singer R.Kelly has been sentenced to 30 years for racketeering and sex trafficking.

The singer was found guilty of one charge of racketeering and eight counts of violating the Mann Act, which prohibits the transport of “any woman or girl” across state lines for any “immoral purpose,” in September 2021.

According to PageSix, it took the jury consisting of seven men and five women nine hours across two days to come up with the verdict.

The prosecutors of the case had asked the judge for a sentence longer than 25 years.


Prosecutors also said he used his celebrity status and wealth to lure women, as well as underage girls and boys, for sex.

Kenyan socialite Amber Ray has renewed her beef with her former co-wife Amira after warning her to stay away from her kids.


Amira alleged that Amber was disturbing her children with demands to take photos with them during her recent visit to Syokimau.

“Can someone tell Amber Ray next time she comes to Yamin to keep her boundaries. When I was away for the weekend she kept calling my son Shamir who was playing in the estate to come take a picture with her.

"He told me about it this when I got home. Listen. Don’t mess with my kids, nilikuachia Jamal lakini when it comes to my kids go off on you, tutaona damu. Period. But where do we draw the line guys,” Amira alleged.


However, Amber hit back, accusing Amira of being desperate for fame - wants to stay relevant using her name.

“The way you all desperate for fame really sickens me, yaani for someone to be relevant in thjis Kenya lazima you mention my name.

"Sio conmen sio wazimu wengine ati wanted to take pics with your son, for who, for what?,” Ray said.

Ms Ray further purported that Amira is still married to Jamal Rohosafi but keeps denying it.


A report made public Friday Shadow and Act,revealed that Chadwick’s widow, Taylor Simone Ledward, is managing his estate. She has asked the court to distribute Chadwick wealth evenly between herself and Boseman’s parents, Leroy and Carolyn Boseman.

According to court documents, the total value of Boseman’s estate was about $3,881,758.

Per the source, Boseman’s company Chadwick Boseman, Inc. additionally owed a tax bill worth $51,000. Another chunk of the money went to the probate case, in a bond totalling $900,000.

After all the legal fees and taxes, the late actor’s estate is worth $2.3 million, which Ledward-Boseman asked to be split down the middle with Leroy and Carolyn, leaving them each with $1.15 million.


In January 2021, Ledward honored her late husband with tears at the Gotham Awards. She was receiving a posthumous tribute “in acknowledgment not only of his profound work but of his impact on this industry and this world.”

Award-winning media personality Betty Kyallo has distanced herself from a viral quote alleging that she only dates men with expensive cars and those earning way above her league.

Ms Kyallo clarified that the viral statement was fake, asserting that money and cars don't impress her.


“Utter nonsense. Fake. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. We all got to work hard no easy way out. That’s the only thing I always advocate for, hard work.

“Also everyone’s hustle and the journey are to be celebrated. We all have to start from somewhere. But I understand people must create fake stories to make a living or just get clicks. Ps: Cars don’t impress me,” Betty Kyallo clarified.

The fake quoted had been picked by a number of online publications insinuating it was the true gospel from the journalist, something she has dismissed.

A nasty fallout between socialite Huddah Monroe and TMI podcast co-star Murugi Munyi has entered its second day with Murugi responding to Huddah's remarks on her body.


In a video posted on Tuesday morning, Mrs Munyi termed the fat-shaming remarks made by Huddah as 'ugly' encouraging plus-size women to love and appreciate their bodies.

"There's a lot going on online right now but let me just say to whoever is out there fat-shaming fellow women, I want you to know that you are beautiful and you are loved.

"And whatever is inside you that makes you feel like you want to insult someone who does not look like you, I honestly hope that resolve because that's an ugly and horrible way to go through life," the podcaster stated, responding to Huddah's relentless comments on her size.

Amongst other unmentionable insults, Huddah called Munyi a 'garbage truck', 'sura kama ndovu' and repeatedly lambasted the YouTuber for the liposuction procedure she underwent in February.


"The same way you abuse my brand is the same way I will insult you... Go get a life. No physical surgery can help your stinking mental attitude, look within.

"My business is like my baby, insulting it is like insulting my child. You don't know how long and how much hard work has been put to bring us to where we are. Yet you sit in your old mold-filled house talking sh8t. Think twice, haters don't prosper," Huddah stated in a rant about Mrs Munyi on Monday night.

Renowned Kenyan radio presenter Tina Kaggia has ended her relationship with Nation Media Group-owned station Nation FM.


Kaggia hosted her last show on Thursday, June 30, 2022 bidding goodbye to her loyal listeners.

The talented radio personality parted ways with the station with her last guest being her brother Dennis Kaggia alias DNA.

“Tina Kaggia’s last show on Nation FM today on and up, tukutane YouTube because we cooking. God is the greatest. 2022 is Mega,” DNA shared.

Tina is yet to disclose her next move but her brother (DNA) hinted that they might be hosting a YouTube show together soon.

“I’m grateful that my brother has been the last guest that I had on this platform alongside DJ E and DJ Andre, so am a content person. I had to be a tear fest, surprisingly I cry easy but I’m happy and thank you so much for coming through,” Tina Kaggia said during her last show on Nation FM.


Citizen TV journalist Raquel Muigai has left the station after landing a new job at Africa Uncensored, a media house co-founded by seasoned investigative journalist John Allan Namu.

Ms Muigai has already confirmed that she is in the process of transitioning to her new role.

"Yes, it's true, and I am in the process of clearing with the human resource. I will be starting at Africa uncensored soon," Raquel disclosed.


This comes just days after she won the 2022 African Climate Change & Environmental Reporting (ACCER) Award in Rwanda.

"What an honour to be accorded this, at such a time Agnes Oloo and I were named 'winners of the 2022 African Climate Change & Environmental Reporting (ACCER) Award,” she remarked.

Ms Muigai’s colleagues planned an internal farewell party in her honour as they wished her the best in her new role.


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