Diana Marua expose Fraudsters who used her to Con Kenyans with Fake Plots

Diana Marua up in arms with LimaVest's Shicco Waweru for conning Kenyans

Dian Marua, Shicco Waweru and Waweru Kuria. Diana Marua call out Limavest for using her to con Kenyans with Fake Plots

Diana Marua has come out to expose a couple who used her to market nonexistent plots in Malindi, terming them as fraudsters who are out to con innocent Kenyans their Money.

In a long post, Ms Marua called out Shicco Waweru and Waweru Kuria who are Founders of LimaVest, accusing them of selling fake plots to Kenyans and people who trust her brand.

According to Diana, she took up the job to popularize LimaVest as their brand Ambassador even without visiting the site, something she regrets now.

I would like to say this is one of the hardest posts I have ever Written. I have really thought about it and this is after a few Months of trying to get a Solution. @Waweru_Kuria and @Shiccowaweru of @Limavest_ on this Picture approached me sometime Mid- Last Year wanting me to Be a Brand Ambassador of their Company @Limavest_ that deals in "Selling Land".

“Just like any other client I committed myself to popularising the business even before visiting the site. This was the First Mistake I made. However, like I always do, I give the Best Marketing possible to all My Clients. I was Delighted to attract Customers to buy land from them majorly from my following on Social Media and Fans from My YouTube Page. Some Fans went an extra mile to send Money to @Limavest_ even without seeing the Land being Sold out of the trust they had in me. To my followers, I apologise for not doing my due diligence to Confirm if the said Land had the right Documentation by the Time I was Making the trip to see the "LimaVest project" in MALINDI” wrote Dian Marua.

She went on to highlight a case of one Client by the name Jennifer who bought 3 acres of land with LimaVest and up to date she is yet to receive her title Deeds or a refund of her money.

Ms Marua on LimaVest

#LIMAVEST_IS_A_SCAM.... On 25th of September, 2020, We went to Malindi for a Site Visit with some potential buyers and Customers Who had Paid in advance after seeing My YouTube adverts.

This is when I had a Video call Conversation with #Jennifer Who is based in the US. She had sent her Brother to assess the 3 acres of Land she had bought.

Prior to the site visit, #Limavest had lied to #Jennifer that her Land was already planted with Pineapples and the Title Deeds were being processed.

Attached are Chats of #Jennifer Who had paid over Ksh700,000. It's now over 6 months and she has not received any of her Title Deeds or documentation to prove ownership of the three acres of land she paid for.

"When she requested for a refund, there was alot of back and forth and eventually @Waweru_Kuria & @Shiccowaweru Told her to go to Court! How rude! That is When I realized that @limavest_ was not genuine.

I immediately made a decision to stop the marketing. Months ago I distanced myself from this but It was a hard thing to decide how I will break the News to my followers that are still sending Money Wakiamini Diana hawezi Uza kitu mbaya; and that's why I had to do it today🥺

“I did not want to think that I have been used to mislead any of my innocent followers to investing in a Scam. As of today #WaweruKuria & @Shiccowaweru have blocked all calls from this specific client #Jennifer who is now crying out to me to ensure that her money is refunded.

My team and I will do our best proffessionally and legally to make sure whoever has been conned is compensated. My apologise to Jennifer for what you are going through 🙏.. Let me take this opportunity to State that; I @Diana_Marua am no Longer working with @limavest_ , #Waweru or @Shiccowaweru and I wish to distânce Myself from this malicious act and any association with @Limavest_

My dear followers please note that any land purchase, you engage yourself with them will be at your own risk. Thank You and May God Bless you all for your continued Support”


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