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Director Trevor's new presenter Rael Wangari credits Mungai Eve's role in her selection

Wangari revealed that she had been collaborating with Director Trevor and Mungai Eve since 2023

Rael  Wangari

The recent split between Mungai Eve and Director Trevor has sparked widespread discussions across social media platforms. However, amidst the buzz, Director Trevor has introduced two new faces to fill the void left by Mungai Eve, one of whom is Rael Wangari.

Wangari, a third-year student at Kenyatta University, shared insights into her transition into the role and her interactions with the former host and Director Trevor.

"I am not here to replace Mungai Eve; she is Mungai Eve and I am Rael Wangari," she stated, establishing her identity beyond comparison to her predecessor.

Wangari recounted her initial nerves and excitement during a virtual meeting with Mungai Eve and Director Trevor, where they discussed her role within the team.


Despite the pressure, Wangari appreciated Mungai Eve's encouragement and guidance, which helped ease her apprehensions.

"We had a virtual meeting the day we were drafting how I would work for Mungai Eve and Director Trevor, and I was very overwhelmed and nervous, and she encouraged me to be calm and pointed out what she wanted," she told presenter Ali in an interview.

Contrary to public perception, Wangari revealed that she had been collaborating with Director Trevor and Mungai Eve since August of the previous year, long before news of their breakup surfaced.


"A lot of people thought it's the first time, but I have been working for Mungai Eve Media since last year and it has been a great experience to work with them, I have learnt a lot from Mungai Eve," she revealed.

Reflecting on her journey to joining Mungai Eve Media, Wangari revealed that her viral content caught Director Trevor's attention, leading to a collaborative opportunity.

Acknowledging the attention surrounding her appointment, Wangari admitted to feeling overwhelmed by the sudden spotlight. However, she expressed gratitude for the opportunity and emphasized her commitment to delivering quality content to their audience.


On the topic of her association with Director Trevor, Wangari set the record straight, stating unequivocally that she is not romantically involved with him.


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