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From mitumba to the decks - DJ Gibbz Tha Daqchild's inspiring rise to the top

Gibz narrated the challenges he had to beat to rise to the top of his game

DJ Gibbz Tha Daqchild

Many times success stories often come from unexpected paths. DJ Gibbz Tha Daqchild, an extraordinary talent in the entertainment industry, shares his awe-inspiring journey from humble beginnings to the pinnacle of his career.

With a resolute spirit, unwavering determination, and an unyielding love for his craft, DJ Gibbz has transcended obstacles and embraced countless challenges on his road to success.

DJ Gibbz's rise to the top was not an overnight phenomenon but a result of relentless hard work and unwavering dedication.

Starting from selling second-hand clothes, working in a carwash, and even waiting tables, he ventured into various odd jobs while never losing sight of his true passion for music.


"It has taken me 8-10years to get it right. Sold 2nd hand clothes, worked in a carwash, been a waiter, roadshow dancer, roadshow mcee, roadshow deejay. Local pub dj," Gibz said.

Gibbz's journey was marked by an array of roles in the entertainment industry. From being a roadshow dancer to an MC and finally a DJ, he experienced the full spectrum of the trade.

The relentless pursuit of his passion for music led him to perform in unexpected venues, including local pubs, where he honed his craft and built a loyal fan base.

"I have played in places you can never imagine, I have slept on club tables waiting for the owners to finish counting their night sales to get that 3k to take my son for clinic the next day," he said.


Despite facing setbacks, being conned, and playing gigs for exposure, his unwavering determination propelled him forward. He recounts the nights spent sleeping on club tables, patiently awaiting payment to ensure his son's medical needs were met.

"I have seen it all but never got tired, I have been conned, played for exposure, played in 4 counties just to make sure I got 20K that weekend. I am a testimony of hard work, consistency and God can make it happen for you," he reminisced.

By sharing his experiences, he encourages others to stay true to their passions, never giving up in the face of adversity.

"Whatever it is you are doing….. KEEP ON👊🏿. Never question God, he knows whats in store for you🤝. For whatever small you have, Thank God, celebrate all your little wins in every step you make," he concluded.


Gibz is among the top talents today and has featured in top concerts including Nyashinki's Shincity.


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