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Eli Omundu reveals amount they stole from Jalang'o as he begs for re-hiring

Eli Omundu said his marriage was almost collapsing as his wife was disappointed with him

Former Jalang'o employee Eli Omundu

Langata member of parliament former staffer Eli Omundu has spoken months after they allegedly stole from their boss.

Speaking to Eve Mungai, Eli Omundu admitted that they stole from their boss just weeks after they had heaped praise on him being a great man.

“It is true, the devil took control of us for a moment and we wronged our boss, we had entered work and as we washed our boss’ cars my younger brother (Litiema) came across Sh1 million which he told me about but I told him to keep off. Litiema sped off leaving me forcing me to also leave,” he narrated.

Eli Omundu further revealed that they had been coming across even more money in the vehicles but the sepcific incident was something he could not explain.


He revealed that they were forced to surrender after Jalang’o made the incident public sharing their photos on his social media platforms.

“When we heard our boss had shared our pictures, we knew our lives were in danger because we could have maybe come across a mob that would have pounced on us, we resorted to surrender to keep our lives safe,” Eli stated.

Regarding the whereabouts of the stolen money, Eli said he returned it although he had already spent part of it, he said he personally returned the money and asked for forgiveness.


Eli revealed that life took a different turn after returning the money as he has not been able to secure employment adding his wife is also disappointed in him.

“Since we left Nairobi, my children have not even gone to school, my wife is also extremely disappointed with me and my marriage is at risk of breaking as we speak,” he stated.

Eli Omundu said he has been on the pursuit of his former boss to mend the broken bridge and is appealing to his Jalang'o to give him a second chance to rebuild his life.


In a recent interview, Jalang’o said he was willing to forgive the two should the public agree he has them back.

“I am a man of a clean heart should you accept we have them back then we will surely have them back,” Jalang'o said.


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