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Emmy Kosgei talks about relationship with her hubby's children & grandchildren

Emmy Kosgei opens up about her relationship with her Nigerian husband's three children and grandchildren.

Emmy Kosgei & hubby Madubuko

Nigeria-based Kenyan gospel artist Emmy Kosgei recently opened up about her journey as a mother, shedding light on the multifaceted nature of motherhood in today's society.

In a conversation with Lynn Ngugi, she shared insights into her role as a mother to the extended family she has embraced.

Emmy Kosgei emphasised that society often reduces women to mere objects, pressuring them to conform to traditional notions of motherhood.


She challenged this perception, asserting that motherhood encompasses a wide spectrum of roles and responsibilities beyond physical childbirth.

According to Emmy, the pressure to bear children can be overwhelming, but it's crucial to recognise that not everyone desires or can fulfill this expectation.

She highlighted the diverse paths to motherhood, including single motherhood and the choice to forego biological children.


"It is subjecting women. I am not an object. Both men and women are not objects. No law says you must do this to fulfill this. We have single mothers out there without husbands, what do you tell them? We have people that decided they dont want to have kids at all. Some have had kids and handed them over to other people for upbringing...

"You look at people, you dont why they are doing something and then you start judging them. People are going through a lot. You cannot judge them. You can't assume that motherhood is giving birth physically. Motherhood is a role, it is an office. It is a wide range of things. Some people have just limited it to one thing," she said.

For Emmy Kosgei, motherhood extends far beyond biological ties. She emphasized that nurturing and caring for others, regardless of blood relation, is central to the essence of motherhood.


From mentoring young women to supporting families in her community, Emmy exemplifies a holistic approach to maternal care.

She emphasized that cultural norms should not dictate an individual's worth or define their role as a mother.

Instead, she advocates for inclusivity and acceptance of diverse family structures and caregiving arrangements.


Emmy Kosgei shared her personal experience of embracing her husband's children and grandchildren as her own.

"I am raising more kids than I can even tell. I am educating and feeding so many kids. I am mothering old and young women at our church.

"By the time we got married, my husband had three children: two daughters and a son. And grandchildren. they all call me a mother. If I go back to the house now, they will all come to me. That is the kind of mindset that we have," she said.


Despite entering into a marriage with existing family dynamics, she seamlessly integrated herself into their lives, embodying the true spirit of motherhood.


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