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Nyashinski's baby number two, Divalicious earns Sh7M & other stories on #PulseUhondoMtaani

#PulseUhondoMtaani - Eric Omondi has revealed that the Divalicious character he created has seen him land endorsement deals

Kenyan celebrities Nyashinski, Eric Omondi, Natalie Githinji and Huddah Monroe

It’s another exciting weekend and #PulseUhondoMtaani as is always the case is here to update you on the best of the entertainment world, and what you might have missed.

So, let’s get down to the business of the day.

NRG Radio presenter Natalie Githinji has shared details of a near-death experience as she underwent endometriosis treatment this past week.


Through her social media the radio presenter shared photos and videos of herself as she underwent treatment revealing that the magnitude of pain she was under saw her almost give up on the fight against the illness.

Githinji said she was restless and experienced trouble breathing and had resorted to prayers.

“Endometriosis is a demon kwa sababu heh! Jesus! I have been in pain since Tuesday and I'm still in pain yawa...Jana the pain was beyond and I thought 'this is the day I die' my people....Shalom to y'all and goodbye

"I was ready btw kwenda cause I could not handle it anymore...I was in pain the whole day and night...I was vomiting, crying, kneeling, rolling, out of breath, praying, calling God, hadi nikatubu walai ....khai! A whole week in pain...” Githinji said.


Githinji however showed strength in battling the illness and urged all other women experiencing the situation to remain strong and face the illness.

“Endo is physical, it's mental and ruins everything in your life....but we move regardless.. because warriors don't give up... To all of the may not be over with the first attempt of dealing with it....but it will definitely be over soon ...continue fighting WARRIORS....I salute y'all... ..see yah when I get better,” Githinji wrote.

Tanzanian Bongo star Naseeb Abdul Juma alias Diamond Platnumz, and Elias Barnabas Inyansi popularly known as Barnaba Classic have released a video of their first major collabo dubbed Hadithi.


The track is the first song in Barnaba Classic's latest album Love Sounds Different which he released in mid-August.

Diamond has constantly praised Barnaba Classic as the best vocalist in Tanzania and whom he has admired for a long time.

The Wasafi Record Label president added that the collabo has been in the making for the past 13 years.

Diamond has also attributed the shaping of his music to Barnaba, a performer in his own right.


Hadithi is a Swahili word that means “A story”. In the song, Barnaba is trying to narrate a relationship saga to Diamond only to find out that he also has faced a similar experience.

The video of the song is directed by Justin Campos who has been in many of Diamond’s previous and a common in the music industry.

Socialite Amber Ray’s ex-boyfriend Kennedy Rapudo has revealed the reason he broke up with her.

In a question-and-answer session in his Instagram, Rapudo said he had differences he could not make up with Amber Ray forcing the two to go separate ways.


“Life happens right? Ideally speaking we had structural irreconcilable differences but that doesn’t change who she is. She is a very nice person with an amazing heart and a beautiful soul. Mine is to wish her happiness and God’s favor wherever she goes,” he responded to a follower.

Rapudo praised Amber Ray saying she was a mature woman who should have stayed with him had things not gone south and clarified that she was a hardworking woman with her own money.

“I think we deserved each other but things didn’t work as planned,” he said.

Rapudo quashed claims that Amber Ray dated his money clarifying that the two were in pursuit of true love.


Not all women date men because of money some search for genuine love. She does gigs, brands and has her own line of business she has her own money to spend. With or without me/any man she can comfortably pay her own bills,” he said.

Atlanta-based Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee has called out her distribution company Mzikii for not paying her.

In a statement on her social page, Vanessa pleaded with the music distribution company to pay off her money as per the contract she signed.

The songbird further highlighted that she tried getting her money back using her management team but the company is yet to react to her issues.


"My goodness, money made from music is sought with difficulty by the artists from the creation until it reaches the people. Please Mzikii, I asked you to pay me my money according to the agreement we made. I have tried the professional way with my team but now you have reached the point where you have seized to answer," read the statement.

Vanessa had been producing hits songs before quitting music to join her fiancée in Atlanta, the hit songs and collaborations across Africa include Nobody but me, Juu, Niroge, Cash Madam, and Kisela among others which garnered over 2 million views on YouTube.

Kiss 100 presenter Oga Obinna has threatened to sue his baby mama for defamation after she accused him of having a sponsor.


Speaking in an interview with Nicholas Kioko the comedian rubbished claims that he is funded by a sponsor justifying that he does seven jobs to be able to support his lifestyle and provide for his children .

“If I had a sugar mummy I would not be waking up at 4:00 am, I could not be doing the seven shows, not sleeping. I get home at around 3:00 am, sleep for a few minutes, and head out for the next show.

“Why would I do all this if I had a sugar mummy?" asked Obinna.

Obinna further vowed to go to court for defamations citing that his Baby mama is taking advantage of his silence on the matter.


"Let's meet in court then come with the evidence, because now that's where it has gotten to, it's now defamation, I kept quiet and she keeps going. We are going on all in and the chances are high if I decided to take the kids from her I will, I have evidence that she is mentally incapable to take care of the baby," said Obinna.

According to Obinna's baby mama, the comedian left her for a rich sugar mummy, who even bought him the car he’s currently using.

Kenyan socialite and businesswoman Alhuda Njoroge popularly known as Huddah Monroe has opened up on having children.

Responding to a fan who asked if she feared hitting menopause before having kids Huddah said the line of thought that women must children was outdated and that motherhood must not be through birth.


“I don’t know the only purpose of a woman on earth is to give birth. So that doesn’t bother, never even thought of it. There's too many homeless kids with no mothers or parents so you could still mother them. Being a mother is to nurture or bring up,” she said.

The businesswoman recently revealed that she was married once married to a drug addict at the age of 19 for 4 years.

“I was married for 4 years at 19, we didn’t have a child and I divorced, because the man was a drug addict. I was not famous so I did not need to advertise it. So I speak from experience. Not mocking you all. That by biggest secret,” Huddah Monroe revealed.


Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has left tongues wagging after dropping a new video in which he is dancing in full hair & makeup and wearing a woman's bodysuit and heels.

The video has elicited mixed reactions with some people arguing that he has gone overboard while others laud his creativity.

Divalicious, the name Omondi has given his female-presenting persona, was dancing alongside two dancers as the comedian sang a parody version of Beyoncé's Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).

The clip posted by Omondi appeared to have been sponsored by a cosmetic products company.


Eric Omondi revealed that the Divalicious character that has become the talk of the town has already landed him a brand endorsement deal.

Omondi has been trending on social media after he appeared in multi videos dressed as a female character.

He said that the character will officially be launched in September in collaboration with a cosmetics company which offered him Sh7.2 million in a three-year deal.

It involves a show in which he interviews different celebrities.

The comedian explained that in the deal, he would be paid for playing Divalicious and also himself.


In September, Divalicious will be launched as the official brand ambassador for Nara Luxury Africa. If you look at the caption I placed alongside the video, it is not only Divalicious who has been contracted but also Eric Omondi, who will be the host of the event, meaning the company is paying Omondi and Divalicious separately. As everyone is giving their opinions about me, I am making money,” he explained.

He described the divalicious character as “a 21-year-old who has arrived in the city from Kisumu and she is already creating a buzz. There is nothing in my career that I have done which is ordinary, everything I do is extraordinary.

South Africa-based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has defended her relationship with her current partner who is younger than her by over ten years.


Zari said society was unfair in judging women harshly for dating men younger than them but did not do so for women dating older men.

The mother of five said she was mostly scrutinized because people knew she had older children.

“My boyfriend is 30 almost turning 31 so he’s not young, he does look young. Am turning 42 and you would not tell unless you know I have older children if you didn’t know me before but you think because I have older kids It looks like am too old.

"Why is that when men date younger girls it is okay when it’s the opposite its not?” Zari queried.


In April, Zari parted ways with his ex-boyfriend GK Choppa just weeks to her engagement. Zari deleted all the photos and videos she had taken with GK Choppa an indication their relationship had ended and now she had a new catch.

Speculation is rife that Kenyan rapper Nyashinski and his wife Zia Bett may be expecting their second child.

While attending the swearing-in ceremony of Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja Bett appeared to have a growing baby bump.

The couple welcomed their first child in 2020 but have kept their child’s identity under wraps.


In the inauguration ceremony, Nyashinski thrilled invited guests with an amazing performance before Sakaja took the oath of office.

He also congratulated the governor on his inauguration and spelt faith on his leadership.

"Congratulations to my friend, Governor Sakaja. It was an honour to perform at your swearing-in ceremony.We put our trust in you and we know you will make Nairobi great!" Nyashinski wrote on his Instagram page


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