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Eric Omondi & fiancée Lynne at a stalemate over gender reveal party

Eric clarified that both he and Lynne share the desire to have a baby girl

Eric Omondi and his fiancée Lynne

Comedian Eric Omondi has shared that both he and his fiancée, Lynne, desire to have a baby girl, emphasising that every child is a blessing from God regardless of their gender.

However, Eric revealed that there is currently trouble in paradise because Lynne is not keen on the idea of hosting a gender reveal event, whereas he favours the idea.

The gender reveal is a popular trend where expecting parents announce the sex of their unborn child in a creative and exciting manner.


"Lynne anataka kua surprised day ya delivery. Mimi namwambia nataka kujua na anakataa.

"[Lynne wants to know the gender of our baby on the delivery date. I asked her to consider a gender-reveal for my sake but she still refused]," Eric said in a YouTube interview on Friday.

Eric further elaborated that if they agree to proceed with the gender reveal event, they would entrust this information to someone else, who would then be responsible for revealing the news to the couple during the event.


Despite their differing opinions on the gender reveal, Eric expressed plans to organise a magnificent baby shower for Lynne.

According to Lynne, she started dating Eric Omondi in 2020 and the rest is history.

They first met after her birthday in 2020, around the first week of April. Lynne recounted that they initially connected while shooting something together, and from there, their bond grew stronger over time.

"For three years now. We've known each other for three years. I met Eric after my birthday in 2020 around the first week of April.


"We were shooting something… Kutoka hapo we've been in touch then vitu zika flow, now we are here," she said.

Asked how she would handle the news of Eric having another baby, Lynne made it very clear that she would not be the person to handle such an issue.


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