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Comedian Eric Omondi launches own club

Comedian Eric Omondi has announced purchasing his own club called Maxys as he ventures deeper into the business world.

The comedian announced the move saying he was inspired to make investments after marking his 40th birthday, noting that he was looking to end the culture where after hitting sunset years, artistes turn to beggars.

“When I turned 40 on the 9th of March, I asked myself many questions because there has been a culture of artists doing so well in their prime but later turn to begging and we want to get rid of that culture,” he said.

Eric asked Kenyans to support him as he ventured in this new business which he is set to launch in 35 days. The comedian urged artists that are on their peak to invest in so that there isn’t a repeat of artists turning to Kenyans in their sunset years for support.

“I have been in the industry for 14 years and currently am the big brother and am urging artists that are doing well to have investments for themselves so that they do not turn to beggars after they leave the industry," Eric said.

The comedian said he chose to settle for a club because he was an entertainer and his small business acumen could work well in a club.

“I have tried so many other businesses which people don’t know about and I am not a very good businessman but a club is something I understand because in the last year alone I have been in over 80 clubs,” Eric stated.

Former Sailors Gang crew member Peter Miracle Baby and his girlfriend Carol Katrue are elated after their YouTube channel hit 100K subscribers.

The couple revealed the news through their social media platforms as they unboxed the prestigious YouTube silver button.

Miracle Baby resorted to doing Mugithi music with his girlfriend after the controversy filled split from Sailors gang.

The couple have since released a number of tracks including Wendo wa Mathare and Andu A Wuiru both which have more than one million views on YouTube.

Content creator Eve Mungai has responded to fans pressuring her to have children

Eve through her Instagram stories told off those that felt she was late in having children saying that everyone had their own life plans and life was not just centred around having children.

The conversation has not only affected her but also her boyfriend Director Trevor who has received similar questions.

“You all should stop telling us to get children like the rest have, everyone has their life plans and again being a woman doesn’t mean your purpose is only to get children!! everyone at their own pace,” she stated.

Director Trevor on his part said unplanned child birth could be a reason one’s life takes a different direction insisting that getting a child should be something thought over.

“If you’re not yet ready to have children getting pregnant can be your worst nightmare because having a baby will change your life forever. Similarly, it maybe scary to get a glimpse of the supreme power of you’re not ready, You will lose yourself and a new you will emerge,” Director Trevor wrote.

Langata member of parliament former staffer Eli Omundu has spoken months after they allegedly stole from their boss.

Speaking to Eve Mungai, Eli Omundu admitted that they stole from their boss just weeks after they had heaped praise on him being a great man.

“It is true, the devil took control of us for a moment and we wronged our boss, we had entered work and as we washed our boss’ cars my younger brother (Litiema) came across Sh1 million which he told me about but I told him to keep off. Litiema sped off leaving me forcing me to also leave,” he narrated.

Eli Omundu further revealed that they had been coming across even more money in the vehicles but the specific incident was something he could not explain.

He revealed that they were forced to surrender after Jalang’o made the incident public sharing their photos on his social media platforms.

“When we heard our boss had shared our pictures, we knew our lives were in danger because we could have maybe come across a mob that would have pounced on us, we resorted to surrender to keep our lives safe,” Eli stated.

Regarding the whereabouts of the stolen money, Eli said he returned it although he had already spent part of it, he said he personally returned the money and asked for forgiveness.

Eli revealed that life took a different turn after returning the money as he has not been able to secure employment adding his wife is also disappointed in him.

“Since we left Nairobi, my children have not even gone to school, my wife is also extremely disappointed with me and my marriage is at risk of breaking as we speak,” he stated.

Musician Linet Munyali, better known as Size 8, has explained why she had left her husband Sammy Muraya alias DJ Mo and moved out of her matrimonial home.

In a video, Size 8 admitted that she had a huge fight with DJ Mo and was surprised that news about their argument was made public.

Yes, I ran away and I was very angry at DJ Mo. He did something wrong to me and I just needed some space to breathe and talk to God because I believe that when my emotions are high we might get into an altercation or mistreat each other,” she said.

On his part, DJ Mo said he was also angry and under a lot of pressure.

"I was also mad and under pressure but when I went home, I found that she left, which I understand,” he said.

Three days after Size 8 left their matrimonial home, they were surprised to see the news online and wondered how the information had leaked.

I did not leave my matrimonial home for a small reason. It was hurtful, but he has apologised and we sat down with pastor Joan and pastor Chris Chege and we came to a biblical conclusion and now we are reconciled back to the marriage,” she clarified.

Size 8 said her husband acknowledged his mistake and also thanked musician Daddy Owen for intervening in the feud.

I don’t know why people exaggerate when celebrities have the same issues in marriage. Every marriage has its ups and downs,” she said.

The musician also noted that their children had been affected by their arguments because she left with them.

She recalled that one of her children had asked her when they would go back home, signaling that they were not comfortable with the situation.

Kenyan singer and rapper Tanasha Donna has slammed music awards citing interference in the determination of winners.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Tanasha said most awards are given after artists cough up some money, narrating that she has once been approached to ‘purchase’ an award.

"Imagine I once thought of buying an award some years back (was advised to) then thought to myself... How am I paying for a trophy as if this trophy is what determines my worth,” Tanasha said.

Tanasha said she is confident in the music she produces and does not need any form of justification to convince anyone she is a good musician.

“Thank God I changed my mind real quick. Artists, please don't ever feel the pressure, You don't win based on genuine talent. If it's not you promoting them as per their preference or 'payola' (paying for an award) you can forget about it," she affirmed.

Tanasha lauded award shows that give artists awards based on merit.

“Shout out to all the genuine award shows who judge merely based on talent. Y'all deserve all the flowers," she stated.

Rapper Karimi Muriungi also known as Miss Cashy has accused his baby daddy Khaligraph Jones of threats and intimidation as she tries to pursue child support.

In recent online posts Cashy said she had received threats and intimidation from her baby daddy’s lawyers and her pursuit for child support has been met by what she termed as outrageous demands.

“Pursuing any form of basic child rights school fees, at the very least is not an outrageous demand considering she was compelled to give DNA test results in August 2021.

"We have been in Nairobi for the said access case since July 2022 patiently waited for a hearing. That was postponed because the file went missing last week. This is painful and traumatizing for the child and the mother considering the aggressive parties benefit from her silence,” she stated.

However, Khaligraph Jones management in a statement said that efforts to pursue an agreement out of court did not bear fruits as she was giving demands which Khaligraph said could not be met.

“After a long period of constant harassment by Cashy against our artiste he sought her out of with a view to reach an amicable settlement out of court, however this approach was not successful due to her outrageous demands,” part of the statement read.

The rapper’s management further said there were orders stopping Karimi from publishing details the minor involved.

“Our artiste has restrained himself throughout the harassment and defamation of character. We seek to state categorically that our artiste will not be dragged into meaningless online wars and shall not be dragged into meaningless online wars and shall await the decision of the courts which he commits to abide,” the management’s statement concluded.

Kiss FM presenter and comedian Oga Obinna’s ex- girlfriend Sherlyne Anyango has said Obinna was mistreating her and was part of the reason for their break up.

In a question-and-answer session on her Instagram, Anyango said had things been smooth between her and Obinna the two would have still been together.

“Was Obinna treating you right? Au ni baby mama wake anacause drama mingi?” the curious fan asked.

“If he was I would be with him and anyway I wont answer anymore questions about him I’m so happy where I am,” she responded.

Anyango further agreed that Obinna was immature during the time the two were love birds.

The two broke up with Anyango getting married to another fiancé a relationship which did not last.

“Are you still married or that ended?” Another curious fan asked.

“It ended unfortunately. I think marriage is a scam” Sherlyne said.

The revelation by Anyango comes as Obinna is engaged in accusations by his baby mama for infidelity.

Bongo star Alikiba has been forced to cancel his much-anticipated US tour after he tested positive for COVID-19.

Alikiba expressed his disappointment with the development but said the health of all the stakeholders in the tour was far much important than anything else.

“To all my fans who have been impatiently waiting for the commencement of my my only one King US tour which was meant to commence on the 2nd of September. I am truly saddened and devastated to say that i have tested positive for Covid 19,” Part of Kiba’s statement read.

Kiba, however, promised to make the visit alive as soon as things were smooth, taking the opportunity to apologise to his fans.

Hereby we are forced to postpone and reschedule to the soonest date possible. Nothing is important to me than the health of my band, crew and you my fans. I have an immense love for you all and I sincerely apologize for any inconveniences cause,” Alikiba said.

The Tanzanian star is hoping to make a tour in the US as his Kenyan counterpart Otile Brown departed for the US in late August.

Musician Dufla Diligon has gone a step ahead to cut his signature dreadlocks in declaring his love for Anerlisa Muigai

In a video shared on his Instagram, Dufla said he was in the pursuit to win Anerlisa’s heart and the first step had been attained which was cutting off short his hair.

“I had to comply, Anerlisa what else do you want me to change?” he captioned the video.

The tempo hit maker recently declared his love for the Keroche heiress and has expressed his confidence in winning her.

The shots by Dufla Diligon come even as the businesswoman’s love life is doing well.

Anerlisa recently revealed how her current lover managed to win her love.

Because you ask nothing from me and that makes it easier for you to concentrate on seeing the real me,” she responded to her lover who had asked how she won her heart.

Popular radio disc jockey and entertainer, DJ Bash, has opened up on undergoing depression and has promised to seek help.

In lengthy posts on his social media pages, the DJ said he has been struggling but has had no one to turn to all along resorting to using the online space to air his feelings.

Bash who has trended in recent days sent his apologies to those he felt he had wronged and even opened on his willingness to make up for those he had rubbed the wrong way. Bash became eminent after a video of him storming a city club demanding his pay emerged online.

He also faced accusations of not playing local songs in his music mixes, choosing to dwell on other genres from outside the country.

“Finally. Waving the white flag. I admit it. Am a problem. Gonna take some time off ❤️ Apologies to anyone I’ve wrong in any way. Am sorry. Am not mentally okay, Love always 💚💛❤️ I don’t mind paying for my wrongs. Y’all take every necessary action,” DJ Bash wrote.

To begin the healing process the deejay said he would be taking time alone to reflect on the errors he has made as he also builds up on a better relationship with his son.

“I share my life here because honestly I have no one to talk to! I lean on my fans . That’s all I have. And although it will be turned into, nowadays Bash has an ego. I honestly just want to be alone. At least for sometime.

Requesting kindly. Am on the edge guys. Come on, and Neo is the only thing keeping me together. I HAVE TO BE THERE FOR THAT BOY. I MADE HIM A PROMISE THAT I HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO KEEP,” Bash said.

Former Miss Universe Kenya Rachel Mbuki has added a new ride to her parking lot after husband gifted her a 2023 Platinum Edition Porsche Cayenne!

Taking to her Instagram the TV host gave her gratitude to her hubby for the new acquisition saying she was dropping her BMW for the new vehicle.

“My hubby did a thing today 😃. He surprised me with a 2023 Platinum Edition Porsche Cayenne! Thank you so much Preston over at @porschedtla for helping him set it all up. Thank you to the best hubby a girl could ever wish for. I love you so much!!!!,” the beauty wrote.

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