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How Divalicious character earned Eric Omondi Sh7.2 million

Eric Omondi said as everyone is giving their opinions about him he is busy making money

Comedian Eric Omondi

Comedian Eric Omondi has revealed that the Divalicious character that has become the talk of the town has already landed him a brand endorsement deal.

Omondi has been trending on social media after he appeared in multi videos dressed as a female character.

He said that the character will officially be launched in September in collaboration with a cosmetics company which offered him Sh7.2 million in a three-year deal.

It involves a show in which he interviews different celebrities.


The comedian explained that in the deal, he would be paid for playing Divalicious and also himself.

In September, Divalicious will be launched as the official brand ambassador for Nara Luxury Africa. If you look at the caption I placed alongside the video, it is not only Divalicious who has been contracted but also Eric Omondi, who will be the host of the event, meaning the company is paying Omondi and Divalicious separately. As everyone is giving their opinions about me, I am making money,” he explained.

He described the divalicious character as “a 21-year-old who has arrived in the city from Kisumu and she is already creating a buzz. There is nothing in my career that I have done which is ordinary, everything I do is extraordinary.


In some countries, cross-dressing is highly accepted and doesn’t raise any alarm, but in Kenya, male celebrities who cross-dress receive a societal backlash for going overboard and not acting manly enough.

A section of his fans took to social media to castigate his actions while others gushed over his well-done makeup.

Cross-dressing is not a new vocabulary to the funnyman (Eric Omondi).

Cross-dressing, the act of wearing clothes of the opposite sex has become a norm in the 21st century.


Some years back, the act would have been considered taboo but in today’s world, it’s something ordinary.

People cross-dress either as a form of self-expression, art, culture, a way of entertainment or for sexual reasons. Comedians also cross-dress to make sure they pass their message effectively.

Other Kenyan celebrities known for cross-dressing are Kinuthia, Flaqo, Dennis Karuri, Shaniqwa, Crazy Kennar, Peter Nyongo Junior, Chimano, MCA Tricky, Njugush, Terence Creative (Kamami), George Kimani and George Kagwe.


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