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Eve Mungai responds to question of when she will have children

Who said we want kids right now? - Eve Mungai

Eve Mungai and Director Trevor

Content creator Eve Mungai has responded to fans pressuring her to have children

Eve through her Instagram stories told off those that felt she was late in having children saying that everyone had their own life plans and life was not just centred around having children.

The conversation has not only affected her but also her boyfriend Director Trevor who has received similar questions.

“You all should stop telling us to get children like the rest have, everyone has their life plans and again being a woman doesn’t mean your purpose is only to get children!! everyone at their own pace,” she stated.


Director Trevor on his part said unplanned child birth could be a reason one’s life takes a different direction insisting that getting a child should be something thought over.

“If you’re not yet ready to have children getting pregnant can be your worst nightmare because having a baby will change your life forever. Similarly, it maybe scary to get a glimpse of the supreme power of you’re not ready, You will lose yourself and a new you will emerge,” Director Trevor wrote.

Mungai asked those that were concerned about her having children to keep off saying even if she was to have a child she would take sole responsibility as no one was going to help her raise the children.


“Let everyone live their life as they wish nobody will ever help you raise that kid when you give birth,” she wrote.

Director Trevor adding on his fiancés sentiments said the decision to have children was something one needed to be prepared for and have control over.

"I just think it should happen when someone is ready for it. I think it is something that you have complete control over so why not choose. You know,” he stated.


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