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Gloves off as Eric Omondi, Oga Obinna's fight gets personal

Jibambe baby girl but what I want to request you is stop doing PR and start living life - Obinna to Omondi

Gloves off as Eric Omondi and Oga Obinna's fight gets personal

The war of words between Kiss 100 presenter Oga Obinna and comedian Eric Omondi is far from over.

The two are embroiled in an ugly war of words after Omondi cautioned Obinna and his co-host Kamene Goro to refrain from mentioning his name on their radio show.

However, a defiant Obinna took his time to respond to Omondi, shading his over 15 years’ comedy career.


“You have more followers tat me and that is the only thing that you have that I don’t have. Why because you had a head start, then also most of your followers are from Tanzania, there is no conversion. They follow because you were mimicking one of their own.

"You brand is doing everything because it’s cheap. When its cheap everybody can access it. Saying you have gone to many countries, because you are the one with the Visa. Then you are cheap, you are comfortable sleeping in people’s houses when you go to the States," Obinna told Omondi.

Adding that; “Travelling does not mean success, when you travel to all those countries, what do you have to show for it. 14 years of comedy? What is there to show. You say you have money, having money is relative. You have money? Which money?.


Obinna went on to say that Omondi lacks originality and that why he is always copying other people.

“Eric you lack originality and you thrive on duplication. There is nothing you stand for…you are funny? Which jokes Churchill show 2004 jokes? What is the new joke you wrote or created? Being everywhere doesn’t not mean value its availability

It’s sad that a 50-year-old man is bragging about Instagram followers…you are the only one who know where the direction of your career is going so jibambe baby girl. Live your life. what I want to request you is stop doing PR and start living,” Obinna said.

Obinna’s response come hours after a boastful Omondi cautioned Goro and Obinna to refrain from mentioning his name on their radio show.


“If you are Kenyan entertainer, do not ever address me. I have more followers than you, more money than you, more experience that you. Don’t ever address me, I’m saying this for the very last time. Leo naskia Obinna and Kamene wananiongelelea kwa Kiss TV. Obinna? Kamene? What is your talent? Who listens to Kiss? Your radio is dead. Don’t address me. You are lazy and stupid idiot. Don’t mention the Presidents name," Omondi warned.

Adding that; “Have you ever left Kenya to do comedy, you are local? Don’t talk about Eric Omondi in your dead radio station. In just one and half months I have in 9 months, what are you doing? Omondi addressed Kamene and Obinna in his bitter rant,"

The funnyman went on to pick a fight with Khaligraph Jones after he mocked his cross-dressing habit.

“Khaligraph Jones, how old are you. I have been in this industry for 14 years and I have been relevant every week. Don’t compare me to yourself,” Omondi told Papa Jones.


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