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Why Maina Kageni never contributes to weddings

I don’t contribute in weddings – Maina

Maina Kageni

Seasoned media personality Maina Kageni has made it clear that he doesn’t partake in wedding contributions.

Speaking on Classic 105, Maina said that he doesn’t subscribe to the idea of contributing for couples to be driven in cars they don’t even own.

“I don’t contribute in weddings. Why should I pay for you to be driven in car you will never have?” Maina said.

Maina’s sentiments come months after his colleague at Radio Africa Group, Jalang’o also mentioned that he doesn’t contribute towards weddings or maternity fees.


The Lang’ata parliamentary hopeful argued that when one is pregnant they have 9 months to save, unless it's in the case of emergency cases one should never ask for handouts.

"Why would someone want to do a wedding of two million in these covid-19 times?

"I recently left such a group and the person asked me why I left yet he thought we are friends. We are not friends; such a person just wants to use me because he has a wedding coming up. I do not contribute to weddings or maternity fees.

"You have 9 months to learn and plan, even if you kept aside 100 or 200. Giving birth is free unless you want to go to high-end hospitals. If you don't, try and wait until you are ready,” Jalang’o said.


The radio host went on to challenge couples who can’t afford expensive weddings to tie the knot at the Attorney General's office and later go for lunch with family.

“I do buy baby gifts and make sure my babies take the gifts. I only contribute towards education and other beneficial developments," he added.


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