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I have never dated Diana Marua - Jalang'o sets the record straight [Video]

I really feel sorry for Diana and what was posted between me and her-Lang'ata MP Felix Odiwour aka Jalang'o

Lang'ata MP Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang'o

Lang’ata MP Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o has set the record straight and confirmed that he has never dated the rapper.

In an interview with YouTuber Mungai Eve Mungai, Jalang’o also explained when a viral photo showing him and the rapper which was circulated by a local blog was taken and confirmed that their relationship has never gone beyond friendship.

“Yesterday there was a story that was trending online on Twitter and all over social media platforms. It was about Diana Bahati and it was about a story she had shared before. Unfortunately, we could see a photo of you and her linked into that story, Mungai Eve stated.

Addressing the matter, he noted that he did not even know that Diana was trending until the matter was brought to his attention by a friend.


“I didn’t see, I didn’t even know Diana was trending until a friend of mine showed me a photo. I remember that photo must have been taken in 10-15 years old at Jamia mall. I think Diana had come in to buy clothes and she was already a superstar by then. She requested for a photo and I took a photo with her.

“I really feel sorry for Diana and what was posted between me and her. I have never dated Diana. Diana has been my friend for the longest time and even when we took that photo it was just a good photo,” Jalang'o explained.

Diana confessed to going out with multiple men which saw her never go broke, adding that she was not proud of her actions but was now reformed.


"In the past, I did some things that I am not proud of. At some point, I used to date guys for money, This is because I lacked the whole of my life. All I wanted was to live well. I dated people for money.

"I dated someone who used to pay my rent, I had someone who would shop for my house and one who would buy me clothes, and another one who would take me out. In my early twenties, money for me was not a problem,” Diana said.

The confession saw her name trending on social media with several celebrities, among them Arnelisa Muigai and Jalang'o weighing in on the matter.


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