It’s time for change- Jalang'o's message after police blocked City residents from accessing roads over 8PM Curfew

If we cant do something now, nothing will change!- Jalango

Comedian Jalango

Popular Comedian, Jalang’o is urging Kenyans to ‘do something’ in light of the ongoing calls by Kenyans to have the lockdown and curfew lifted.

Jalango called out the government for imposing curfew during a pandemic that is already making countless Kenyans jobless.

We must accept that we are on our own and nobody cares about what we are going through and if we cant do something now nothing will change! So Mr. President announces an 8pm curfew and we accept but as we rush to beat the curfew time the roads are blocked!! In that traffic there are essential services providers, we have sick people we have people who are honestly just going home but have been caught off guard! What does blocking the roads help in reducing corona?,” read Jalango’s message.

In a post, Jalango cried that ‘enough is enough’ and that the government needed to do better by the people.

The comedian had yesterday advised artists and creatives to look for gigs in other Counties other than Nairobi.

He further urged them to book events out of Nairobi because depression is slowly killing many artists because they cannot manage enough to fend for themselves.

Reactions to Jalango’s Post

Yvonneafrostreet :"We are tired!!! About time things took a different direction"

alex_mwakideu: "Kama sio SASA, basi ni SASA HIVI!!! Tumechoka!!!"

Honalinur :"Fresh start. We are tired 😓"

5ive_touch :"Raila saa hii amenyamaza utadhani yeye si opposition...but when it was about fighting for his interest in the previous election alikua anamobilise watu very fast.. anyway tuko kivyetu #unlockourcountry"

Aoljerry :"Pure lexical semantics. No pragmatic course of action. We all can rant. You are in a position of power (public influencer, right?). DO NOT RUN MOUTH. ACT!"

Mutheu_alicious :"Enough of this long social media paragraphs....#Actnow"

Kyalodenny :"Nyakundi said you are a paid goon. Uhuru is not on social media either."

Komu_racheal :"We should boycott elections btw,,,,, we are tired!!!!!!! So tired!!!! Ata hio slot ingine that will claim they will be different will just end up being intoxicated"

Joshualxdz :"Only in Kenya road block will reduce the spread of corona😢😢😂"


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