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Nadia Mukami, Ivy Chelimo, Corazon Kwamboka and Vivian

Frankie Kiarie, popularly known as Frankie JustGymIt and his baby mama, Corazon Kwamboka have caused a stir after the pair was spotted together having fun in Kisumu over the weekend.

The couple's breakup earlier in the year was dramatic with their dirty linen finding its way to social media.

The viral video shows the duo walking around a lakeside hotel.

Fans opined that the pair could be back together or their whole breakup saga was a publicity stunt, a thing that is becoming too familiar with local celebrities.

“Do you still believe they broke up.” Wondered amie.cate.

Wanafanya tunakaa wajinga.” Added sonia_moe.

The video comes barely a month after the fitness enthusiast hinted at possible reunion in a video in which the gym enthusiast had a hypothetical conversation with his baby mama.

The video started off with his baby mama thanking him for gifting their children a teddy bear.

"Baby mama: thank you for the teddy bear, the kids love it” to which Frankie responds, “no problem anything for the kids".

Diamond Platnumz has been castigated by his sister and mother for lying to two of his four children over having other children.

Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz said Diamond telling his children, Princess Latiffah and Prince Nillan whose mother is Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan that they do not have other siblings was laying a bad foundation for a relationship between them and their other siblings.

“You have really wronged the children, you should have told them they have another sibling, Tom Kaka so that they build a strong loving relationship from a young age and maybe even get to meet,” Esma said.

Diamond’s mother Mama Dangote reiterated the point by her daughter questioned why he did not recognize even his son with Tanasha Donna who she said was like his twin.

“Why didn’t you mention your look-alike twin who you even share a birthday, what you did was not right,” Mama Dangote said.

Diamond while visiting his children in South Africa was put to task to answer to whether he had other children with other women.

Winnie Odinga, has announced her return back on Twitter after her absence for more than a month since she deactivated her account.

Announcing the return, she noted that her mentions were in shambles saying that people have been talking about her since she left the social media platform.

Touching on an election campaign and an election day, the 32-year-old left a cryptic message that leaves many guessing and one which could be linked back to the online spat.

"Back on Twitter after some time and my mentions are in shambles. I see you've been talking. Just be knowing there's a whole different system between an election campaign and an election day. If I was handling the latter I'd be tweeting this from the wedding venue," she tweeted.

Winnie was involved in a nasty altercation with several players in the Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya Coalition that saw them exchange harsh words and accusations before her Twitter account was deactivated.

Georgina had left her fans worried when she said she had parted ways with Tyler over irreconcilable differences.

"Tyler and I are no longer together due to unsolvable issues," she posted.

However, Georgina has dismissed the truthfulness of the post saying it was only a game and that the post did not last long on her social media.

"We were just playing truth and dare with my friends, no wonder it didn't last on my story for 10 minutes," the content creator said.

The former Machachari actor and his fiancé welcomed their first child together in May 2022.

Baha and Georgina had been dating for a while before they announced that they were expecting their bundle of joy.

Singer Nadia Mukami has shared her struggles trying to lose weight months after giving birth.

Nadia said she is fighting to cut 60 Kilograms, something she has admitted to being a tall order. Her ballooned weight she says has even deterred her from taking pictures.

“I am trying to get to 60KGs! it’s so hard losing weight! Don't get it twisted I love the new thick me exclusive of mummy pouch, double chin and my wrestling built-like arms😄 I struggled with my weight, I even don't post a lot of photos and I had so much of client work because I was soo insecure,” she said.

Nadia however expressed optimism in getting fit again not just for her performances but also for her wellness too.

“It's Nadia Time! I have been trying to keep fit because of the performances! Let's say adjusting was sooooo hard for me!! But there are no shortcuts!!! I have to work on being fit! Let's go!!!” Nadia added.

Nadia welcomed her first child with fellow singer Arrow Bwoy in March 2022, four months later, Nadia did her first performance in Meru where she pulled a good crowd and delivered an exciting performance despite having come off maternity.

Just days after coming out to say that she is not well and that she is struggling in her relationship, singer Vivian has posted a photo of herself fully shaved.

On the photos, she shared on her social media platforms, Vivian attached a lengthy caption that had cryptic texts in between.

She however recognizes that some of the things she is experiencing in her life were beyond her power to control.

"I realized that no matter what I did or what I said and how unprepared I was for the changes in my life that it was completely above my power. So instead of searching for worldly comfort, God necessitated that I yearn for Him.

"It was very strange. And on those days I get into despair over my past life, my upbringing, and other pains I force myself to shift focus. I am not sure about the future and this message is not for critics or wajuaji," Vivian wrote.

Before she put the post up on her socials, Vivian had earlier on October, 14 shared out that things were not working out well in her relationship with her husband, Sam West saying although she has been getting support, she has not been well and that she sometimes does crash.

Nadia has revealed the reason she cut her hair short in a video she shared on her social media while doing some exercises.

In the video, Nadia shows a close-up clip of her short-shaved hair and she runs out to do some exercises and then explains the reason why she had to cut her hair.

"So that happened, I shaved my head because of lactation. Whenever I breastfeed my hair falls off. I had lost my hairline so I decided to chop my hair, not because of anything else in particular," she said.

She explained further that her decision to cut her hair had no other attachments other than what she had put across adding that she felt like a free bird as a result of the decision to cut her hair short.

She further went ahead to say that she was focusing on cutting her weight by 7kgs from the 67kgs which she weighs owing to the fact that she gave birth recently.

"So I am there, I enjoyed it, I feel like a free bird, I really feel good and I am enjoying this process. I hope to lose the 7 kilograms in a few so that I can tell you that I am a success story so pray for me because it is not as easy," she added.

Catherine Jepkemoi alias Minicheps has taken to her social media to thank her fans for voting for her in the just concluded 2022 Pulse Influencer Awards.

The visual artist is known for photoshopping miniature versions of herself in photos and conveyed that the Arts Influencer of the Year title is her first major accolade as a content creator.

"Won the Pulse influencer award. Vile mliniinua nifikie (the way you lifted me to reach) my very first award. Thank you," she wrote.

Minicheps beat nine other contestants in the category to take home the award. Those nominated alongside her in the category included Wixx Mangutha, Ed Wainaina, Rammzy, Maina Minds, Mwadzame, Braintext Creation, Tinashe Mwaniki, Jonewa, and Naomi Nyambura (Nashomy).

Minicheps got to be known for her creativity back in 2021 but before she came to the public limelight, she had been producing her art for more than two years prior to becoming a darling to her now an ever-increasing number of followers.

Just like it is with other creatives in the industry when Minicheps produced her first pieces of art, she thought that people would be impressed immediately.

Unfortunately, this did not happen and she had to ask her friends and relatives to like and share her work within their circles in order to get publicity and a name for herself in the industry.

Minichep's future looks bright courtesy of the many corporates who are interested in working with her which is evident by the photos she shares.

The newest member of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s communications team, Ivy Chelimo, has denounced any relationship with a Kenyan who had claimed to be her boyfriend.

The man, Alvan Kirui, took to Twitter on October 18 to accuse Chelimo of breaking up with him after her newfound fame, after being influenced by her parents.

He claimed Ivy allegedly disserted him after all the media attention and landing a job at DP Gachagua’s office.

Chelimo became an online sensation after coining the nickname Riggy G for DP Gachagua.

This will always be my favourite picture I took of you. I can't believe your parents can advise you to leave me at my lowest. You know I love you, just remember all I've been doing for you, Ivy,” he said while sharing an image of Chelimo.

He also published a Twitter thread expressing disappointment with the situation.

However, Chelimo clarified that she did not know the man, accusing him of being a clout chaser.

Please, I do not know anyone by the name Alvan Kirui and I have certainly not been involved with the person claiming in any way whatsoever!! Disregard any information circulating regarding the same,” she said.

Comedian Eric Omondi has shared a photo of himself outside the Senate buildings in one of his attempts to push for Kenyan music to be given wider airplay.

The comedian has been pushing for 75% of the music played on radio and TV stations to be Kenyan. He has been pushing for it for more than a year despite not being a musician himself.

While outside the premises, Eric held a briefcase that he said contained the dreams and hopes of the youthful talents in the country.

"In this briefcase lies the dreams and hopes of young boys and girls with genuine talent. If we don't pass this motion their voices might never be heard. I promise you, as long as I am alive. Their voices will be heard. We will pass this motion into law," he said.

Prior to his taking his campaign to the Senate, Eric on October 14 had hinted that he would be moving to Parliament to push for legislation adding that the goal is to have the bill passed before December.

"We will get the Bill passed and signed by the president before December," Eric said.

To show his persistence he shared a video outside the Parliament buildings on October 18 saying the motion will move from a bill into a law signed by the president.

RnB musician Jacob Obunga popularly known as Otile was moved to tears after landing from the United States of America where he had been on a month-long tour.

Moments after touching down, Otile moved to address members of the fourth estate but was treated to a surprise by one of his fans who gifted him a portrait of his late grandmother.

Otile could not hide his feelings as the fan unpacked the portrait, leaving him all emotional.

Otile Brown has a special spot for his grandmother as she was the one that brought him up after the passing on of his mother.

“They passed away. I’m the last born by the way. So when my father broke up with my mum, he moved to Kisumu while me and my mum remained in Mombasa. He went and passed on but I even never got a chance to bury him. My mum passed away in 2006 so I just grew up with my uncles and my granny and my step mum,” Otile said.

Otile winded up his tour in the US where he performed in 15 states.

Content creator Thee Pluto has outlined why he is better than radio presenter Oga Obinna following an online exchange.

The exchange started when Obinna hit content creators that develop content similar to what Thee Pluto does. Obinna said the creators needed to find other microphones for use during the shoot of the videos noting that the lapel microphones used were ugly.

“So none of these sanitizing shows can get handheld mics, a boom, lapel or anything?? Must they keep holding that long ugly cord with a lapel mic at the end moving it from one person to another?" Obinna said.

Obinna further said the creators had gotten into comfort zones and that the scripting in the shows was getting too much.

Responding to the sentiments by Obinna, Thee Pluto outlined reasons the content he produced was worth it. Pluto said he had created employment for young creatives with skills in writing, editing and doing voiceovers.

He also revealed that his content had good numbers on YouTube and which were growing by the day.

“The long ugly mic got us 130,000,000 views in a year, 10,000,000 views a month as per now and 700,000+ views every 48hrs. Got some good dudes some employment, the long ugly mic made us open another channel brainy maniac! Where we’ve given young stars an opportunity to practice and earn from their abilities in writing, voice-over and editing.

“The long mic! If you are not a fan you may not understand the joy of running around with that mic, we understand you!” Thee Pluto said.

Thee Pluto's YouTube boasts of 629,000 subscribers.

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