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Jabidii reveals he moved out of mabati house after releasing Vimbada

I can now drive thanks to Vimbada - Gospel musician Jabidii


Gospel musician Jabidii has revealed his song Vimbada featuring Moji Shortbaba changed his life completely - as he was able to own his first car thanks to the song which took over the airwaves upon release.

Speaking to SPM Buzz, Jabidii disclosed that he had other hit songs before but the release of his collaboration with Moji changed his life and music career.

“Vimbada made me drive, I can now drive my car, it opened many doors, it was just a blessing,” Jabidii remarked.

The singer added that he used to live in an ironed sheet house, noting that his previous songs such as Odi Dance and Shoot Satan built the brand which was uplifted by Vimbada.


“When I recorded Vimbada I used to live in an ironed sheet house, when we went to shoot the video, I was living in ironed sheet house but am grateful that’s the song made impact and changed my status,” he said.

Jabidii further revealed that he had to learn a bit of Chinese before releasing his song Chinku further noting that his songs target the youth who do not go church aiming to have them saved.

Asked about the award he won in Ghana, Jabidii said it was his first time in Ghana and it's the Accra event that paid him the highest.


“When I went to Ghana it was for the award, it was the first time I was in Ghana and going to receive the award I was carried by fans to the podium. The highest amount I have been paid for a gig was in Ghana,” he stated.

The singer has also done other hit songs such as Bila Jasho which has also done well especially on social media.

Vimbada video which was released in 2019 currently has over five million views on You Tube.


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