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It’s another exciting weekend and #PulseUhondoMtaani as is always the case is here to update you on the best of the entertainment world, and what you might have missed.

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The Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) has banned singer Diamond Platnumz’s 'Mtusubiri' music video featuring his signee Zuchu from being played on TV.

In a letter to media houses, TCRA (a government agency) said that they had received recommendations from BASATA (Baraza la Sanaa Tanzania) to restrict Chibu Dangote’s video from being aired on mainstream media.

In the music video that was directed by Director Ivan, Zuchu is seen eloping from Church where she is a choir member after receiving Diamond’s phone call.

The 26-seconds scene which served as the intro to the video is what has landed the WCB president in trouble with TRCA.

The authority further explained that the intro scene has caused a lot of discomfort among Christians – who feel disrespected.

“Mamlaka ya Mawasiliaono Tanzania (TRCA), imepokea taarifa kutoka Baraza la Sanaa la Taifa (BASATA) ya kuzuia usambazaji wa video ya wimbo wa Wanii tajwa juu unaopigwa katika mitandao ya kijamii na vyombo vya utangazaji.

Msanii tajwa hapo juu ametoa video ya wimbo unaofahamika kama ‘Mtasubiri sna’ an katika video hiyo kuna kipande kimeonyesha wahusika wapo kanisani wanaimba kwaya lakini baadae Wakaacha na kuelekea kwingine. Kipande hicho cha video kimeleta ukakasi miongoni mwa waumini wa Madhehebu ya dini na kuleta hisia kwamba ni dharau ya dini/madhehebu Fulani,” reads part of the TRCA letter.

The singer has been ordered to re-edit the video if he wants it to be played on mainstream media again.

Celebrated Kenyan actress Jackie Matubia and her fiancé Blessing Lungaho held an exquisite baby shower ahead of her delivery date.

The lavish baby shower was graced by their close friends and fellow celebrities in the film and music industry.

Some of the notable figures present at the occasion include; Singer Size 8, DJ Mo, Terence Creative, Milly Chebby, Mr Seed, Kate Actress among others.

It was all glitz and glamour at the pink themed baby shower as everything was classy with a touch of expensiveness.

During the ceremony, the former Tahidi High actress was overwhelmed by emotions out of the love she received from her friends.

Konde Music Worldwide CEO Harmonize has bought his mother a brand new Toyota Harrier, days after making a killing in Kenya with a series of shows.

“There is no car that my mother loves more than a Toyota Harrier…maybe there is someone who used to give her sleepless nights with his Harrier during her youthful days and that's why she loves the car so much.

"I’m back from Kenya after running into a number of hurdles because of people with their own selfish interests. But at least I did not come back empty handed and I have decided to gift you another car," Konde Boy said to his mother.

In June 2019, Konde Boy was again in the headlines after buying his parents (mother and father) new cars (Toyota Harriers).

On May 4th, the Konde Gang President disclosed that he had purchased a second Range Rover for his ex-girlfriend and Bongo Movie actress Frida Kajala in a mission to lure her back to him.

The singer shared videos showing off the white Range Rover he bought for Kajala – with an affirmation that he has already imported another Black-Range Rover for the woman he loves.

Kenyan rapper Kennedy Ombima alias King Kaka has unveiled the house he has built for his mother as a show of appreciation.

King Kaka penned a heartfelt message to his mother and shared a photo of them together online.

He recalled how his family was once locked out of their house over Sh500 monthly rent.

"One day I came home from school and Kanjo had placed a very big padlock coz we couldn’t afford to pay Sh500 rent, I promised my mom that in the future I’ll buy her a house.

"Fast forward 4 days ago we just prayed in the living room of this house that I built for her. The sounds of testimony and I am happy that she has a place she can call home. Thank you mom for putting on a brave face over the years even when I knew things were not okay. Asante and be blessed. To all the believers, it’s possible! And God is love," he posted.

Nigerian singer and Mavin Records Signee Divine Ikuborv alias name Rema has named the one Kenyan artiste he wishes to work with before he leaves the country.

Speaking during a presser held at Sankara Hotel ahead of his May 7th Concert, the 22-year-old singer made it clear that he would like to work with singer Karun of the former disbanded group Camp Mulla.

“Karun is super dope, they played me one of her songs and all the time I was like another one, another one. I listened to a lot of Karun last night, I have been rocking with a lot of Sauti Sol and I know them but Karun I think she is really special and someone told me she is not appreciated enough, is that true?” Rema questioned.

The Soundgasm maker described Karun as someone with an exceptional talent and voice that the world needs to pay attention to as far as music is concerned, adding that his producer will definitely reach out to Karun for a possible collaboration.

“I think she is super talented and the whole world needs to hear her voice, the world needs to hear what she is doing. Her vibe is different and I have never heard that type of music before and I will tell my producer to reach out because I actually wanna work with her because she is special,” Rema said.

Gengetone group Ochungulo family has made a U-turn on their 2021 statement that announced they had split as a music group.

In an interview with Pulse Live’s Dennis Milimo, Benzema David alias Alejandro sought to clarify that Ochungulo family didn’t breakup, but opted for a short commercial break.

The Nguruma hit maker further stated that they are working on a new album as a group and their fans should stay ready.

“We did not breakup, we just had a commercial break but all in all we have been working on a new album which will be out in the next two months (around June) and I think you will love it,” Benzema said on behalf of Ochungulo family.

In February 2021, the group consisting of; Dmore, Benzema and Nelly the Goon, used their social media platform to announce that they had split but that seems to have changed.

Celebrated Kenyan Comedian Timothy Kimani popularly known as Njugush has responded to Andrew Kibe after he attacked him on social media.

In an interview, with SPM Buzz, Njugush said that Kibe has a tendency of bashing other people yet his own life is in not even in order.

The funnyman confessed that he has made a lot of progress in life as compared to Kibe and therefore he has no reason to hate on him - they are not even in the same bracket.

“When you see your father fighting with kids…when I look at him I get someone who is lost. For him nothing works and he is always saying he want to put people on a straight line. The question is, is he even straight.

“You see this young kids are doing their thing…he tried radio it did not work out. And he is getting old and I will say this without fear of contradiction, I might have made a lot of mistakes in my life but I pray to God that I never make the mistakes he has made in life,” Njugush remarked.

The comedian went on to state that Kibe should work on correcting his own mistakes before pointing fingers at other people.

“He has a lot of mistakes to correct other than, other peoples mistakes and where I’m today, I have achieved a lot more than Kibe will ever achieve, and I’m not bragging.

“The reason I’m saying this is because we always talk down people who are doing something very nice. For example, Online media, I see him attacking the likes of Mungai Eve and I feel very bad. This kids are doing something amazing, they are creating their own media houses. He was at Kiss 100 he left, started his online radio it collapsed. So if someone has a platform on YouTube and its working for them why hate on them. And now he is an old man trying to build himself using kids,” Njugush added

Timothy Kimani’s response come days after Kibe described him as a simp following the virality of his video with wife Celestine Ndida at Nyashinki’s concert.

Kenyan singer Cece Sagini Kemunto and her photographer Husband Victor Peace Karanja have announced the end of their marriage after four years.

On Tuesday, May 3, 2022, the two love birds shared a joint statement, alerting their fans and followers that their relationship has ended.

The two said they opted to make their breakup public basing on the fact that they have always shared their happy moments with their social media in-laws.

"After 4+ years of walking this journey as the best of friends, with much prayer and consideration we have decided to come to the end of our road. As we once shared our journey publicly, it is in the same spirit that we share this statement,” reads part of the statement.

The couple also acknowledged that arriving on the decision to go their separate ways was not easy but necessary.

“Coming to this decision was tough but necessary for our general well-being and holistic happiness. There are no salacious events at the root of our decision. We still cherish our friendship and wish each other the very best,” Cece and Victor said.

Ms Sagini who ditched the secular music industry for gospel back in October 2017, officiated her union with Victor the same year through a lavish white wedding.

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