Billionaire Mengi's Wife Loses Control of His Business Empire

K-Lynn forced to clear the air after Court declared Billionaire's will invalid

Reginald Mengi with his Wife Jacqueline Mengi

Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe Mengi has lost control of a section of her Husband Reginald Mengi’s Business empire after Tanzania's High court rejected a Will that was allegedly written by the late Billionaire.

On May 18, 2021 Judge Yose Mlyambina declared the alleged Will invalid on grounds that it doesn’t meet the legal requirements to be regarded as a valid Will.

The ruling also raised questions on the late Mengi’s mental health, an act that prompted the former miss Tanzania to speak out and clear the air.

The one-time singer, wondered how a person who authored a book “I Can, I Must, I Will” was mentally unsound when he was launching it.

Jacqueline Mengi Speaks Out

“I bet those who have read the I CAN I MUST I WILL , will be very surprised to hear that someone out there has declared the author of the book @regmengi to have been mentally unsound when he wrote and launched that book. This world will never cease to amaze me!” wrote Jacqueline Mengi.

Ms Mengi popularly known as K-Lynn, went to an extent of producing her late hubby's medical report that proves he was of sound mind.

“Enough is enough. Dr Reginald Mengi medical report attached as evidence .The truth for those interested in the truth. My husband spent his entire life as a respected, intelligent, kind and a helping hand for thousands of Tanzanians. He wasn’t insane!

You can say whatever you want and take everything but for this i will defend him to my deathbed so make it fast. Dr Kaushik Ranchod of South Africa and Dr Anthony Rudd of Uk and Dr Valentino who gave a testimony know the truth and someone should get the truth!” shared Ms Mengi.

The Will in question had allocated the deceased’s estate to his spouse (Jacqueline Mengi) and twin children.

A lawsuit filed by four people (Benson Benjamin Mengi, William Onesmo Mushi, Zoebu Hassuji and Sylvia Novatus Mushi) had requested the court to make them administrators of the said Estates.

However, the Judge made the ruling of declaring the will invalid on grounds that it was not sealed and the existing signature was different from the usual signature of the late Reginald Mengi.

The Judge also said that the signing was not witnessed by any of the deceased's relative or wife.


They also claimed that the deceased had no capacity to draw the purported will since he was facing serious health issues since 2016.

Tanzanian Billionaire and philanthropist Reginald Abraham Mengi died while undergoing treatment in Dubai on May 2, 2019

PP Media Group

At the time of his death, Mengi was a renowned businessman and the Chairman of Confederation of Tanzania Industries, IPP Gold Ltd, Media Owners Association of Tanzania, Executive Chairman & Owner at IPP Ltd. and Chairman of Handeni Gold.

The media mogul through his IPP Media Group owns 11 newspapers, radio and television stations as well as internet properties.

He also owns Bonite Bottlers, the sole bottler of Coca-Cola products in the northern region of Tanzania.


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