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Jalang’o explains why he no longer accepts artwork from Portrait & Pencil artists

Don’t ambush me with your work and think ill buy or accept it even for free!-Jalang’o

Kiss FM's Jalang'o

Comedian and Kiss 100 presenter Jalang’o has decided to explain why he will not accept art work from portrait and pencil artists anymore.

In a long post he shared on social media, the comedian requested those who have been drawing him to stop, adding that he will not be accepting their drawings because he has nowhere to take them.

He noted that he appreciates their efforts and talents, and for the past five years he has received hundreds of the portraits from different artists and that some of their prices are getting spoiled because he has nowhere to place them.


Jalang’o stated that it hurts him to see their work go to waste and moving forward, before anyone works on his portrait, they should get in touch first and ask if he wants one.

He further noted that if anyone wants his support, they should let him know and he will support them even without drawing him.

Here’s his post;


Dear Artists (portrait and pencil artists)


First thank you for the amazing job you are doing! More respect to all artists who have taken their time to draw and put my likeness on paper...I have to now request any artist trying to draw me to please stop! I will not accept your art because i have nowhere to take it or hang it! Why? For the past five years i have received hundreds of portraits from different artists and the pieces are getting spoiled because i don’t have anywhere to hang them, my house is full my office is hurts me to see you hard earned work just go to waste! Moving forward

1. Before you draw me just try and get in touch and ask me if I want a painting!

2. Don’t ambush me with your work and think ill buy or accept it even for free! I wont because i have nowhere to take them!

3. If you want my support let me know! Ill do that even without you drawing me!


I request that just don’t draw me! But bring your work and ill support you!

Wengine pia wanachora mtu hata sijui🤣🤣🤣

Daily I receive a drawing! Hata kama ni wewe where would you take them?

Thank you and God bless!!


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